Year 7 Home Learning Task Portraiture Main Task

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Year 7 Home Learning Task - Portraiture Main Task: Produce a portrait of someone

Year 7 Home Learning Task - Portraiture Main Task: Produce a portrait of someone in your household. This can be a self-portrait or a drawing of someone else in your household. Stretch yourself by doing this from observation (use a mirror or have someone sit for you to draw). You can draw from a photograph if you are struggling to draw from observation. On paper, using pencil, lightly draw the outlines of the head. Make sure you pay close attention to your model. Plan carefully where the facial features are positioned and draw them in lightly. Add details and tone (shadow) to make an accurate drawing! Add colour using a media of your choice! (Colouring pencil, pen, paint etc. ) Helpful Tips: Use the guide to help you to plan the outlines and proportions. The central horizontal line is where you position the eyes. These typically are positioned half way between the very top of the head and the chin. Second Task: Evaluate your drawing. Write a few sentences to describe how well you think you have drawn and how you think it could improve if you were to have another go. • What went well? Even better if… Challenge: Think about the pose you choose and where your model is looking. A more challenging angle would be to have your model look to one side, slightly up or down. You could also include accessories like a hat, hair clips or glasses. Upload a picture of your work onto Teams Due in 12 th June Extension Task Create a background by drawing objects that mean something to the person you have drawn. It could be something to do with their interests, hobbies or favourite things. E. g. Football, perfume bottle, pizza…