VCN 3020 Video Cloud Node Specifications Model VCN

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VCN 3020 Video Cloud Node Specifications Model VCN 3020 Performance Access 512 ch 2

VCN 3020 Video Cloud Node Specifications Model VCN 3020 Performance Access 512 ch 2 Mbps,16 pcs in stack Forwarding 512 ch 2 Mbps Playback 1024 Mbps Picture Support the image storage for face and vehicle Platform Performance Client 5000 users in single domain,2000 login,500 operate Controller Processor 2 X 64 bite multiple cores processor Memory 16 GB(Support expand) Storage capacity Disk 40 pcs(including 2 metadata disk) System Disk 300 GB-SAS 6. 0 Gb/s, hot swap Disk interface SATA 3. 0/SAS 2. 0,support SAS、SATA mixed,hot swap Disk type Support 4 TB、6 TB System disk:RAID 1;data disk:RAID 5,Safe. Video+,hot RAID standby Recording management Recording Manual recording、plan recording、alarm linkage recording Features n All in One design with high density,support video and n n n image storage in mixed,compared to traditional building mode,construction cost reduce 10%、save power consumption 55%、save space 55%、reduce deploy time 80% Support block storage, reduce disk fragmentation and improving disk performance The bad sector recovery technology ,Reduces Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) to 1%, much lower than typical industry 5% AFR The permanent logical unit number (LUN) storage technology ensures that the data is still readable and writable even if multiple data disks in a RAID group are damaged while maintaining data availability Load balancing among RAID groups provides intelligent service scheduling to other RAID groups if a RAID group fails, ensuring service continuity N + 0 cloud-based cluster implements load balancing and service switchover from faulty devices, ensuring service continuity. Date safe box technology, recover the metadata and business Embedded with VQD to have 9 diagnose function, no need separate server, Support backup function, to protect the key date Embedded Linux OS,support 7× 24 h stabling running, difficulty to be hacked. Support ONVIF、GB/T 28181、SIP、RTP/RTSP, Compatibility for major manufactory. Offer SDK/OCX developing package Parts 4 T enterprise Disk 6 T enterprise Disk Backup Protection Query Download Security Media System login Water mark Stable Media Manual、Plan、alarm linkage backup Safevideo+ By time and event High speed、batch、subsection、recording in front AES 256 Windows domain account login Watermark in front end, alarm if been modified. Broadband adaptive、SEC、FEC、broadcast、cascading forward、IPCA N+0,load balance in dynamic、migrate once failure Standby in VMU Single domain、2 level domain、multiple level domain NAT Backup for metadata disk Cluster Standby NAT Safe box Capability Video format H. 264、H. 265、SVAC、MJPEG Access HW SDK、GB/T 28181、Onvif 2. 4 Onvif Profile S Platform GB/T 28181、GA/T 669 Manage and maintain Manage B/S、CLI Log Operate and login log download Interface network 4*GE ,4*10/1000 Base-T RJ 45 10 GE 2*10 GE PCIe network card(Optical, electrical port option ) network card Backend : USB 3. 0*2, 1000 Base RJ 45*1(manage), VGA*1, UART*1 interface Frontend : USB 2. 0*2 Others Temperature: 5~ 40℃ Storage Temperature: -40℃~+65℃ Environment Humidity: 8%~ 90%, storage humidity: 5%~95%, none condensing Power consumption Max:< 700 W,working power consumption:≤ 500 W (with Disk) Input: : 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 HZ Input Voltage Output: 12 [email protected] 5 A Max; 12 [email protected] 5 A Max Dimension mm 447*748*175 (W×D×H) Chassis 19 inch 4 U standard chassis Weight 20 Kg(no disk); 57 Kg( with 38 pcs Disk) Certification China CCC、CQC、Police department Certification, 28181 Overseas CE,FCC&IC,UL,CB, Nine Country Certification ,RCM,VCCI