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UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS OF LEICESTER NHS TRUST – MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE Chairman Martin Hindle Chief Executive Malcolm Lowe-Lauri Medical Director Kevin Harris Director of Finance & Chief Operating Procurement Officer/Chief Nurse Human Resources Kate Bradley Andrew Seddon Suzanne Hinchliffe Associate Director Clinical Education Vacancy Associate Director Clinical Effectiveness Vacancy Assistant Medical Directors Sanjay Agrawal Andrew St John Anil Banerjee Beverley Collett Associate Director Of Clinical Education Helen Miller Director Safety & Risk Moira Durbridge Director of Clinical Quality Sharron Hotson Deputy Director of Finance Jon Shuter Dept Heads Richard Pitt Dave Evans Mark Sheppard Assistant Directors Simon Sheppard Martin Maynes Francis Coles Head of Fundraising Tim Diggle Director of Nursing Carole Ribbins Assistant Director Of Nursing Eleanor Meldrum Lead Nurse Infection Prevention & Control Liz Collins Assistant Director of Information Mr. John Roberts Service Managers Mr. Charlie Carr Ms S. Priestnall Mr. S. Leah Deputy Director Emma Stevens Director of Strategy Abi Tierney Head of Strategic Development Jane Edyvean Deputy Director of IM & T Liz Simons Director of Comms & Director of Research. Director of Corporate & Legal Affairs External Relations & Development Mark Wightman Prof. David Rowbotham Stephen Ward Assistant Director David Hetmanski Director of Facilities Rob Pinsent Deputy Director of Facilities Andy Powell Assistant Directors Heads of Facilities Nigel Bond Mark Starling Senior Project Mgr Pete Rogers Senior Training & Development Manager Bina Kotecha PLANNED CARE CLINICAL BUSINESS UNITS Specialist Surgery (inc Ophthalmology, ENT, Plastics, Maxillofacial, Vascular, Breast) and GI Medicine/Surgery (to include General Surgery & Urology) R & D Manager Carolyn Maloney WOMEN’S & CHILDREN’S Jane Wilson Prakash Panchal CLINICAL SUPPORT Divisional Director: Shona Campbell Divisional Manager: Neil Doverty Divisional Head of Nursing: Elaine Ryan Divisional Finance Lead: Tony Maton Divisional HR Lead: Tina Larder CLINICAL BUSINESS UNITS Emergency Department Women’s (inc Sexual Health/Genetics/Neonates) Anaesthesia and Theatres (inc Pain Management & CSSD) Medicine (inc Specialist Medicine & Rheumatology) Children’s Imaging Pathology and Pharmacy Therapy/Phlebotomy/Central Outpatients Cancer/ Haematolog y/Oncology Musculo. Skeletal Emergency Department Medicine Medical Lead Nicky Rudd Medical Lead Andrew Brown Medical Lead Vacant Medical Lead Paul Mc. Nally Manager/Le ad Nurse David Anderson Manager Chris Shatford Lead Nurse Jane Pickard Kiran Jenkins CLINICAL BUSINESS UNITS Respiratory Medicine Lead Nurse George Kenney David Tracy Head of Services for GP’s Marina Muirhead Divisional Director: Pete Rabey Divisional Manager: David Yeomanson Divisional Head of Nursing: Kate Wilkins Divisional Finance Lead: Paul Gowdridge Divisional HR Lead: Nicola Junkin Musculo-Skeletal Manager Fay Gordon Professor David Wynford-Thomas Head of Communications Tiffany Jones ACUTE CARE Cancer/Haematology/Oncology Manager Sarah Taylor Fay Gordon Medical Lead Adam Scott Pete Conboy Richard Kilner Divisional Director: Doug Skehan Divisional Manager: Helen Mather Divisional Head of Nursing: Sue Mason Divisional Finance Lead: Simon Sheppard Divisional HR Lead: Clare Blakemore Cardio/Renal/Critical Care (inc Paediatric Cardiology) Specialist Surgery Assistant Directors Steve Murray Ian Reid DIVISIONAL STRUCTURE Divisional Director: Andrew Furlong Divisional Manager: Debra Mitchell Divisional Head of Nursing: Julia Ball Divisional Finance Lead: Judith Scarfe Divisional HR Lead: Joanne Tyler-Fantom GI Surgery/ Medicine/ Urology Non Executive Directors Associate Directors of the Trust Board Executive Directors Manager Sarah Taylor Lead Nurse Nicky Grant Lead Nurse Jan Christian Respiratory Medicine Cardio/Renal/ Critical Care Medical Lead Jon Bennett Medical Lead Nick Moore Manager Miriam Farr Manager Michael Nattrass Lead Nurses Jo Bayes/Gill Staton Women’s Medical Lead Ian Scudamore Manager Sheena Wallace Lead Nurse/Head of Midwifery Children’s Imaging Anaesthes ia Medical Lead Michael Green Manager/Lead Nurse Hilliary Killer Medical Lead Christine Reek Medical Lead Mike Jones Manager Nicky Leighton-Davies Lead Nurse Jo Hollidge Pathology, Therapy/Phleboto my/ Central Outpatients and Pharmacy Medical Lead Paul Shaw Managers Suzanne Khalid Lead Nurse/AHP Liz Carvill 1 st March 2011