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St Peter's Catholic Church - Cirencester MASS TIMES THIS WEEK Sat 14 Dec First

St Peter's Catholic Church - Cirencester MASS TIMES THIS WEEK Sat 14 Dec First Mass of Sunday 6 pm Gerry Glennon (RIP) Sun 15 Dec Mass 11 am (Tetbury Mass 9 am) 3 rd Sunday in Advent -Gaudete Sunday Mass 9 am Janina Bek (RIP) Mass 9 am Service of the Word and Exposition at 10 am (Tetbury Mass 10 am) Mass 6. 30 pm Mass 9 am First Mass of Sunday 6 pm Billy Hester (RIP) Mon 16 Dec Tue 17 Dec Wed 18 Dec Thu 19 Dec Fri 20 Dec Sat 21 Dec Sun 22 Dec Mass 11 am (Tetbury Mass 9 am) 4 th Sunday in Advent (Linked with St Michael’s Tetbury) 15 th Dec 2013 – 3 rd Sunday of Advent Year A Weekly Newsletter & Advent Events Peter Carter & family The Deceased Members of Mary Critchley & O’Callaghan families Antoinette Francisca Wilhelmina Cruijssen THE ROSARY: Mon – Fri, 8. 40 am, the Rosary is said in the Church. CONFESSIONS: Confession time for the parish is every Saturday at 5. 00 – 5. 30 pm. It could also be arranged by appointment with the priest in the parish. Fourth Sunday of Advent Readings: page 40. Is 7: 10 -14; Ps 23; Rom 1: 1 -7 Mobile phones should be completely turned off in church – not left in Silent mode. CONTACTING US Priest in Charge: Fr. Isidore Obi St Peter’s Catholic Church, 7 St Peter’s Road, Cirencester, GL 7 1 RE Tel: 01285 652087 Email: frisidore@stpeterscirencester. org St Peter’s Website: http: //www. stpeterscirencester. org Diocese: www. cliftondiocese. com Advent Activities Summary WELCOME Welcome to our parish and to our church. If you are a visitor, we hope you enjoy your stay in Cirencester. If you W/C 15 December are new to the Parish please pick up an information pack 15 Dec - Carols & Mince from one of our "welcome team“ at the back of the church. Pies 16 Dec - Advent Talk 3 Fr. Issy 18 Dec - St Michael’s Advent Confessions ADVENT Talk – Monday W/C 22 December 21 Dec - St Peter’s Advent The third Advent Talk will take place on Monday 16 th Confessions December at 7. 30 pm in the presbytery meeting room. The 23 Dec - Advent Talk 4 talk will be given by Fr. Michael Mc. Andrew of St Mary’s 24 Dec Tetbury Swindon, while Deacon Steve Boughton of Malmesbury 5. 00 pm Carols parish will conclude it on the 23 rd of December. 5. 30 pm First Mass of Christmas Cirencester - 7. 30 pm First CAROLS & MINCE PIES – This Week! Mass of Christmas There will be family Carols & Mince Pies for all of our 10. 30 pm Carols Parish family in the church this Sunday 15 December 11. 00 pm Midnight Mass starting at 3 pm. We hope you’ll want to come along and 25 Dec Masses get into the Christmas spirit. Cirencester - 11. 00 am (Tetbury - 9. 00 am) Please put your name on the list in the porch so we can cater accordingly. Thank you. SUNDAY MASS INFORMATION & RESPONSES – 15 th December www. ashcroftpractice. co. uk email: care@ashcroftpractice. co. uk Production of this Newsletter has been made possible by the sponsorship of the following Parishioner’s businesses. If you would like to sponsor future special edition newsletters contact the parish office. Entry: Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice. Indeed the Lord is near. First Reading: Isaiah 35: 1 -6, 10. Response: Come, Lord, and save us. Second Reading: James 5: 7 -10. Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! The Spirit of the Lord has been given to me. He has sent me to bring good news to the poor. Alleluia! Communion: Say to the faint of heart: Be strong and do not fear. Behold, our God will come and he will save us.

CARE & DEVELOPMENT IN OUR PARISH PRAYER Your Prayers are needed for… Those who

CARE & DEVELOPMENT IN OUR PARISH PRAYER Your Prayers are needed for… Those who Sick, including: Elizabeth James, Agnes Moran, Patrick Mac. Dermott, Irene Spaul and Elizabeth Catling. (Please inform Fr. Issy of any sick person especially those that require a visit. ) Those whose anniversaries occur at this time, including: Lisli Hoban, Joe Hibionada, Rachel Stavely, Frank Mitten Joshua Mackenzie: who is being baptised this Sunday at St Peter’s. Prayer Requests: St Peter’s Book, for you to write your prayers, can be found at the back of church. If you have an urgent request for prayer, contact the Prayer Line on 01451 860609 or 01666 860387 DO YOU LIKE TO SING? Then why not come up to the organ loft at 11 am Mass to help lead the congregation in hymns and in learning a new sung Mass? We would also be able to introduce some new hymns as well, so please do come along, all voices welcome, in the choir gallery - Chris Johnson. FIRST HOLY COMMUNION & CONFIRMATION Preparations for First Holy Communion and Confirmation for the candidates in our parish begins in January 2014. If your child is of age to prepare and receive any of these sacraments next year, please do contact the parish office. We would need more catechists if we have candidates for confirmation. PARISH FINANCES Weekend 7/8 Dec £ 263 Gift Aid £ 398, tax rebate £ 95. Total 756. The appeal for the Christmas flowers raised £ 133. Many thanks for your generosity COLLECTION BANKING Could you spare an hour every few weeks to join our HOME VISITS small team who count the weekend collection? The If you would like a visit or Holy counting takes place on Monday morning after Communion at home, please ring 9. 00 am Mass. It is not onerous, and training would be the parish office (652087) to make given. Please contact Lina Watts on 655243 for more arrangements. information. TEA/COFFEE & CATCH UP CHURCHES TOGETHER Please do join us for coffee in the hall after Sunday Mass. It is a great Many thanks to those who supported the carol singing in town last Saturday. Peter Wallis. way to catch up with old friends and make new ones. CHURCH HALL – FURNITURE We welcome anyone who is If any person or organisation wish to borrow tables or visiting in our parish for the first chairs from the Church hall would they please inform time TO JOIN US. David Russell, Hall Bookings Manager before doing so, MEDITATION GROUP The next meeting will be Thursday tel: 01285 655510 or drus 689905@aol. com. The 2 nd January 2014 after the 6. 30 pm reason is that some dates in December have been booked by users who require the full amount of Mass in the presbytery meeting tables and chairs. room. CHRISTMAS AT ST PETER’S ADVENT Reading for All For Advent why not take advantage of our extensive range of reading materials – there are well written booklets in the SPICE Shop from the CTS covering all aspects of Advent preparation for all age ranges. There is also a range of Christmas cards available. The SPICE Rack lending library has a number of colourful children’s books telling the Christmas story as well as Children’s illustrated Bibles. So why not borrow them during Advent – they make great bedtime reading! Also many books covering adult preparation for Advent. CHRISTMAS FLOWERS This year we would like to encourage more of our Parish family (young people, families, older parishioners) to be a part of the Christmas flower and Church decoration. If you would like to help please leave Anna Lockhart your details on the helpers list in the porch. If you can’t help in person but want to make a contribution. ADVENT CONFESSIONS Advent confessions on Sat 21 December 10 am with Fr. Saji Mathew & Fr. Issy. CHRISTMAS MASSES There will be 3 Masses for Christmas this year at St Peter’s (and 2 at St Michael’s). So hopefully everyone will be able to make it to one of them and there will be seats for all but it is still advisable to arrive early to make sure you get one! The first Mass at ST PETER’S is on 24 Dec. at 7. 30 pm. The second begins with Carols at 10. 30 pm and Mass at 11. pm and the third is on 25 Dec at 11. 00 am. At St Michael’s Tetbury the first Mass of Christmas is on 24 Dec beginning with Carols at 5 pm and Mass at 5. 30 pm and the second is on 25 Dec at 9 am. 100 CLUB ST MICHAEL’S (TETBURY) The next 100 club draw is due to take place Penitential Service on 29 th December but will be drawn next Advent confessions on Wed 18 Dec. 5. 30 pm month on 5 th January. followed by Mass at 6. 30 pm DIOCESAN NEWS PRINKNASH ABBEY SHOP & CAFÉ Christmas stock now in… large selection of cards, nativity sets and Christian gifts. Why not try their new winter menu at the Café? Open 7 days a week 10 am – 4 pm. DIOCESAN DIRECTORY & DIARY The Diocesan Directory and Liturgical Diary 2014 are out. Some copies are available in the parish. The Directory is £ 5. 00 and the diary is £ 6. 00.