SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Scholarship support is available for lay

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SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Scholarship support is available for lay and clergy persons seeking to become

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Scholarship support is available for lay and clergy persons seeking to become certified Rural Chaplains (a two year process). Applications must be complete with required recommendations filed with the RCA membership secretary 30 days prior to the annual FOCUS gathering. Dr. Judy C. Matheny, P. O. Box 55, Lake Junaluska, N. C. 28745 jcm [email protected] com A limited number of scholarships are available to assist certified Rural Chaplains in retaining certification & in “special needs” situations. Bishop Mary Ann Swenson joins Rev. Dr. Dorsey Walker in certifying Rev. Dr. Susanna Metz, Vicar of Petrockstowe, England & Mrs. Panthia Locklear of North Carolina Native American Cooperative. VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: rcahome. org ANNUAL FOCUS GATHERINGS are sponsored by the Rural Chaplains Association to provide both lay and clergy persons a supportive setting for sharing insights and perspectives on the state of rural communities, institutions, environmental/ economic challenges and religious /family life concerns. The gatherings bring together dynamic innovative practitioners from a wide variety of settings to share vital ministries that are transforming communities, institutions and congregations across the USA and beyond. While most Rural Chaplains certified by the association serve in the United States, there are others serving in Russia, Canada and England. Outside of the USA there are other groups that train and utilize rural chaplains (i. e. Australia). FUTURE GATHERINGS: FOCUS EVENTS THE 2015 ANNUAL GATHERING IS OCT. 28 -31, 2015, promising “AN AMAZINGLY RICH ADVENTURE INTO THE SOUTHERNMOST PARISH AND BAYOUS OF LOUISIANA. ” THE 2016 GATHERING IS SET FOR ONTARIO, CANADA with date yet to be determined. THE 2017 GATHERING will focus on Cooperative Ways of Doing Ministry with date and location yet to be determined. (To receive information as it becomes available, check RCA website. ) RCA FOCUS Gatherings offer 1. 5 CEU credit RURAL CHAPLAINS are persons who have responded to God’s call to serve rural communities and congregations Ms. Cynthia Kent, Chairperson of the Native American International Caucus with puppet friend! Dr. William Turner of Duke Univ. is awarded an Honorary Rural Chaplaincy certificate by Rev. Rebekah Shuford For more information contact : Dr. Judy C. Matheny P. O. Box 55, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745 jcm [email protected] com OR Rev. Dr. Dorsey H. Walker 4705 Al Hwy #40, Dutton, Al 35744 [email protected] net RCA IS AN ADVANCE SPECIAL NO. 982740 AND A NON-PROFIT CORPORATION

RURAL CHAPLAINS come from diverse backgrounds, with varied education and life experiences, that uniquely

RURAL CHAPLAINS come from diverse backgrounds, with varied education and life experiences, that uniquely equip them to serve rural persons, families, institutions, communities and congregations in challenging and productive ways. The rich diversity of those certified reflects the landscape that brings beauty, along with challenges and uncertainties, to people living in small towns and outlying rural areas. RURAL CHAPLAINS serve in a wide array of settings from both religious and secular fields: counselors, farmers, ranchers, homemakers, consultants, pastors, teachers, health care providers, agronomists, environmentalists, etc. A panel from the 2013 RCA coordinated gathering, “Come Together-Transformation through Cooperation” focused on the many faces of cooperation for the future. The Rural Chaplains Association emerged in response to the rural farm crises of the 1970’s. Many persons/families, involved in farming/ranching, were misled by government and secular lending agencies to overextend in hopes of entering into new markets. These expectations were not realized and many long time experienced family farms were lost. During this period of pain, loss and uncertainty, Rural Chaplains emerged to “stand with/ offer support” to families; communities; congregations caught up in this tragedy. COOPERATIVE MINISTRY STRATEGIES The Rural Chaplains Association continues to advocate for the development of cooperative strategies for doing ministry and coordinates a quadrennial ecumenical gathering of practitioners and inquirers. The ninth gathering will be held in 2017. Bishop Hope Morgan Ward certifies the first two Canadian Pastors, Rev. Melany Cassidy-Wise and Rev. Dr. Marvin Anderson GBGM Deputy General Secretary George Howard with Russian Pastor/Rural Chaplain Galina Kolesnikova PARTNERSHIPS FOR MINISTRY WITH RURAL RUSSIAN PASTORS AND COMMUNITIES Soon after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, Rural Chaplains were invited by The United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries to be part of its exploratory efforts to develop strategies/partnerships for planting congregations and to assist communities in responding to existing needs. RCA continues to relate to rural Russian pastors and their ministries and communities. Those wanting to support or develop a Russian pastoral/community partnership should contact Dr. Judy Matheny (see front page of this brochure). MEMORIALS & HONORABLE RECOGNITION Dr. Gladys Campbell memorializes a Rural Chaplain during a worship service. Gifts are appreciated in memory of persons who have died and in honor of others. Church & Community Worker Shirley Townsend-Jones awards an Honorary Rural Chaplaincy Certificate to Dr. Linda Oxendine ; Indian Studies of University of North Carolina