Rural Rejuvenation and Economic Analysis of New Professional

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Rural Rejuvenation and Economic Analysis of New Professional Farmers * Fu , and Xu

Rural Rejuvenation and Economic Analysis of New Professional Farmers * Fu , and Xu Sun, Yijie Jia Yu School of Economics and Trade, Jilin Engineering Normal University, Changchun 130052, China. *Corresponding author Email: [email protected] com Abstract The promotion of rural revitalization strategy is inseparable from the main force of farmers. Therefore, the vocational education of new farmers has become an urgent problem to be solved under the strategy of rural revitalization. At present, China's vocational education to promote new farmers still has problems such as lack of educational resources, imperfect mechanisms, and backward education and training concepts. Therefore, it can be solved from the aspects of integrating educational resources, improving the education and training system, and innovating educational concepts and methods Issues to promote the development of vocational education for new farmers, promote rural revitalization, and realize the development of "three rural issues. " Text In the decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way, the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party put forward the strategy of rural revitalization. Promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas in accordance with the general requirements of prosperous industry, ecological livability, civilized rural culture, effective governance, and affluent life. The key to rural revitalization lies in the revitalization of talents. The quality of farmers fundamentally determines the level and quality of rural revitalization. New professional farmers who love agriculture, understand technology, and manage well are the backbone of building a new countryside and the modern development. The main force of agriculture can effectively promote the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. Therefore, advancing the professionalization of farmers is a practical requirement for accelerating the construction of modern rural areas, developing modern agriculture, and increasing farmers' income. In the process of farmers' transformation from identity attributes to occupation attributes, education investment bears the brunt. From the perspective of the education and training of new-type professional farmers, the focus is on improving the vocational skills of farmers. From a long-term perspective, starting from the goal of shaping "professionals", the cultivation of new-type professional farmers is a systematic project. The cultivation of new-type professional farmers should build a perfect education system, and the cultivation content should cover the farmers in the field of practice. Qualities such as professional values, professional abilities and professional ethics, which is what the new era of professional farmer education and training means. Human capital is the key to the development of modern agriculture, and the future of cultivating China's agricultural development is to cultivate new farmers' professional abilities. Modern agriculture is different from traditional agriculture in terms of talents, technology, and capitalintensive industries. The quality of farmers is closely related to technical equipment and the level of agricultural modernization. Intensification, large-scale, specialization and standardization are the core of China's agricultural modernization. This requires new professional farmers with a certain level of operation and management and marketing capabilities, skilled operation of modern agricultural equipment, and mastering modern agricultural technology. Therefore, the inevitable requirement and development trend of agricultural modernization is to cultivate new farmers' professional ability. The important content of increasing farmers' income, promoting rural development and structural reform on the agricultural supply side is to develop new rural industries. With the extensive application of information technology, the traditional management and production methods have been greatly changed in the development of modern agriculture. Rural economic activities are increasingly connected to cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, which requires new professional farmers ’ability to learn and use new technologies to be improved accordingly, thereby promoting new types of rural chain operations and e-commerce Model development. CONCLUSION An important way to promote the development of new countryside and revitalize the rural economy is the education of new professional farmers. In order to promote the rapid development of the rural economy and cultivate farmers into comprehensive and practical talents, the relevant persons in charge should strengthen their investment in the training of new types of vocational farmers, improve the level of vocational education and training of farmers and actively improve the system of vocational education and training of farmers, so as to better achieve The process of agricultural modernization.