Reforms to Universities in Europe Studying reforms of

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Reforms to Universities in Europe Studying reforms of universities in Europe Universities are key

Reforms to Universities in Europe Studying reforms of universities in Europe Universities are key research performers in national innovation systems and in the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA). During the last decade, European universities have been immersed in reform processes, which aim to transformed them into more autonomous and competitive organisations. The JRC-IPTS is analysing and monitoring European universities in close collaboration with DG RTD C 4. Drivers of the reform policy in universities 1. 2. 3. 4. The Bologna process and ERA developments New public management principles Increasing competition in the global knowledge system Stagnation of students’ enrolment Common trends in European universities Although reform activity in Europe is uneven and heterogeneous, some common trends can be identified: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Increasing institutional autonomy and accountability Changing funding models towards an increase of competitive funding Performance contracts between governments and universities linking funding to research outcomes Promoting centres of excellence Fostering collaboration with business Making academic career more attractive Results and future avenues of research • Two reports on reforms to universities in Europe are available on the “Intelligence Service” of ERAWATCH (http: //cordis. europa. eu/erawatch/). • This work has supported the CREST OMC Working Group on "Mutual learning on approaches to improve the excellence of research in universities”. • A new more comprehensive coverage of universities is envisaged in ERAWATCH, leading to a European Observatory of Research Universities which will monitor the most prominent universities in Europe and will analyse the changing nature of universities over time and the differentiation among them. © European Communities, 2007 • The dynamics and effects of the reforms in Europe will continue to be analysed, in order to provide more evidence of the impacts of the reforms on universities autonomy and funding models. Contact: Susana ELENA-PEREZ European Commission • Joint Research Centre Institute for Prospective and Technological Studies Tel. : + 34 95 448 8364: Fax. + 34 95 448 8326 E-mail: Susana. [email protected] europa. eu