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Rain Power , date “Team: Lucas Beauchamp & Reuben Hurst” Problem Definition • •

Rain Power , date “Team: Lucas Beauchamp & Reuben Hurst” Problem Definition • • Statement: Energy costs to society is increasing so how can we harness freely available energy? Scope: Build a prototype. Schedule: 11/10/11 completed research 2/1/12 design completed 2/4/12 ordered parts 3/10/12 first prototype completed 6/12/12 Finalize prototype and present at the annual project review. Resources: 75 hours of Engineering Student $50 Solution Specifications Competitive Analysis • Though no one currently offers a rainwater turbine system to install, there are many companies that offer waterwheel and generator combination units for use in homemade systems for generating renewable energy. Potential Applications • • Houses, Commercial buildings, Government buildings. Can be used to supplement power from solar panels. Future Improvement Ideas • • • Store water in elevated storage tank, open flow valve to allow water flow to turn water wheel generating electricity. Avg. Voltage Output = 7. 5 v DC Peak Voltage Output = 30 v DC Avg. Water Flow Rate = 2 Gallons per minute This project can be improved in the future using a larger more efficient generator, using bearings to reduce frictional losses, increased volume of water storage, integrate battery to store power, increase pipe size to increase the flow of water, create more efficient and structurally sound water wheels. Engineering & Computer Science Departments