Project Title Long Title Short Title Distribution X

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Project Title: Long Title (Short Title) Distribution X: CLASSIFICATION Revision Date: US Team: USG

Project Title: Long Title (Short Title) Distribution X: CLASSIFICATION Revision Date: US Team: USG organizations, Industry, Academia Foreign Partners: Country, Defense organizations, Industry, Academia US Lead: Name, Organization, Phone, Email Foreign Lead: Name, Org, Phone, Email Project One-Liner: Text [(Must Match Annex B (Nomination)) Using the following structure, describe the project: “US Navy project with Iceland to develop and test prototypes of cold-water protection gear for special forces. ”] Text [Define the largest benefit to the project using either the up or down arrow – ex. “Reduces unit cost by $200 K”, or “Increases dive time by 3 hours” ] Warfighter Challenge: Text [Must match Annex B. Describe the current shortfall—i. e. , what Do. D cannot do today. For example, “U. S. Navy divers cannot stay underwater in the Arctic for more than three hours due to the cold water temperatures. ” 1 -3 Sentences] Cooperative Project Plan: Text [Must match Annex B. Describe how this project will collaboratively address the warfighter challenge. List the RDT&E contributions of each partner. 3 -5 sentences. ] Intl Agreement: Text [PICK ONE: New PA/MOU, PA/MOU Amendment, Covered under existing PA/MOU/IEA, No Agreement Required Include agreement title for existing agreements] Status: [PICK ONE: Pre-agreement, in national staffing, negotiations, or in effect] Expected Signature Date of Agreement: Partner US Total CWP Other US Foreign Partner 1 Foreign Partner 2 Foreign Partner 3 Foreign Partner 4 Total Funding $0. 00 $0. 00 Graphic Showing How the Product Works * Graphic should convey the objective and what project is trying to accomplish 2: 2 0 2 Y F for e t a l aft p m e T ding in dr t r a e sen h r o f C e b d d a e r Qu ructions in he inst t e t le e D Technology Maturity: TRL at Start: x TRL at End: x [Can by copied from Annex C. Fill in partner(s) name. Add or delete rows for partners as appropriate. ] U. S. Tangible Deliverables: Text [Must match Annex B. Identify the key deliverables (products or technologies) that will be developed as result of this project] Transition Plan: Text [Must match Annex B. Describe the transition plan for the deliverables at the end of the CWP Project, including ID of the transition manager] CCMD S&T Advocates: AFRICOM CENTCOM EUCOM NORTHCOM INDOPACOM SOUTHCOM STRATCOM TRANSCOM CYBERCOM SPACECOM (CWP Team will coordinate. Mark only after receiving guidance from the CWP Team. )