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POLY PLUS SCU* ELITE LESCO SUPERGREENS ELITE 18 -0 -18 This controlled release nitrogen

POLY PLUS SCU* ELITE LESCO SUPERGREENS ELITE 18 -0 -18 This controlled release nitrogen fertilizer is formulated to give a quick green-up & provide a sustained balanced growth response. Ideal for spring or autumn use, the turf maintains excellent stress tolerance due to the balanced N: K ratio, & very strong colour from Iron and Manganese. This product will not increase soil phosphorous levels. GUARANTEED MINIMUM ANALYSIS NITROGEN (N) as UREA* TOTAL POTASSIUM (K) as SULPHATE TOTAL IRON (Fe) as OXY-SULPHATE TOTAL MANGANESE (Mn) as OXIDE 18. 00% 1. 20% 0. 50% SULPHUR (S) as ELEMENTAL SULPHUR (S) as SULPHATE TOTAL SULPHUR (S) BIURET (MAXIMUM) 13. 85% 6. 65% 20. 50% 1. 50% * 100% Poly Plus ® Sulphur Coated Urea providing 13. 50% Controlled Release Nitrogen DIRECTIONS FOR USE: RECOMMENDED RATE: Bentgrass - 1. 4 kg/100 m 2 (0. 25 kg N) or 2. 8 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. Other turf species - 2. 8 kg/100 m 2 (0. 5 kg N) or 5. 6 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. For use on greens and other turf areas mowed less than 12 mm, which need quick green up, phosphorus free, or high potassium feeding or when iron, manganese and sulphur are needed to correct and prevent deficiencies. Apply only to dry foliage and water in immediately after application with a minimum of 6 mm water. Not recommended for use when planting new turf grass areas. SPREADER SETTINGS: Rotary Spreaders Rate per 100 m 2 1. 4 kg 2. 8 kg Lesco Calibration Gauge Setting #10 SCOTTS R-8 A G 1/2 Rate per 1000 sq. ft. 2. 8 lbs 5. 6 lbs #13 I #10 G 1/2 #13 I These are approximate settings, which may need adjustment depending on walking speed. It will be necessary to calibrate spreaders before use. LESCO Poly Plus SCU* Elite Turf Fertilizers are a premier turf fertilizer for golf greens and other fine turfgrass areas cut at less than 12 mm. Elite Fertilizer analyses are available for all key stages of turfgrass growth and development from establishment through various seasonal turfgrass nutritional needs. Elite Turf Fertilizers offer nine times the particle coverage over a standard grade fertilizer greatly improving nutrient coverage to your target area. LESCO Elite Turf Fertilizers are blended with potassium sulphate for optimum turf response and contain iron as well as manganese for improved turf colour. Poly Plus SCU* Benefits • Controlled release maintains consistent growth habit and reduces mowing frequency and clippings. • A controlled and more uniform release maximizes nutrient uptake efficiency and minimizes fertilizer loss due to leaching and volatilization. • Harder, more durable coating resists breakage during handling and application. • Free-flowing product is easier to handle and apply. STORAGE AND USE: Store in a clean, dry place and use only clean, dry spreaders. Wash, brush or blow the fertilizer off paved surfaces following application to avoid discoloration. Do not leave unused product in spreaders. ® ELITE and POLY PLUS are registered trade marks of LESCO , Inc. * SCU : Sulphur Coated Urea 22. 5 kg (50 lbs) Bags MANUFACTURED BY LESCO, INC. , STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA, U. S. A. Sole Agent (Indonesia) PT. Agrijaya Jl. Ciputat Raya 2 F, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan Telp. (021) 7254531, 7254533. Fax. (021) 7254532 website : www. agrijaya. com E-mail : [email protected] com Poly Plus SCU is ideal for high rainfall areas and temperate climates. Poly Plus SCU technology provides more controlled release nitrogen than any other sulphur coated urea product.