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Our Focus - Our Mission - Our Vision Laketown Student Focus - “Today as

Our Focus - Our Mission - Our Vision Laketown Student Focus - “Today as a learner, reader, and writer. . I will do great, awesome and amazing things! Our Mission - All students will learn to their full potential. Our Vision - At Laketown Elementary: students, teachers, parents, and community members will work together to support continuous improvement in student achievement by addressing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of our learners. December 13, 2017 We have been working on chapter eight in math. Chapter eight has to do with money and time, so the students have been working on counting money and will move to working on telling time next week. Spelling word lists have been sent home. Spelling tests are on the last school day of the week, so we will have a test Friday. The students have been learning a lot in reading and writing, and it would be wonderful if you could keep making sure that they are reading roughly 15 minutes a day. We have just switched to reading and writing non-fiction books (real, true things) so if you have any of those at home, it may be worth pointing that out to your child. We have been having discussions about showing respect in the classroom and throughout school. As the holiday season approaches, excitement levels rise. This sometimes boils over into the classroom, making it so that students feel comfortable being much louder and more talkative than they typically are. We have been discussing how that would be considered disrespectful, how important respect is, and how it can be shown throughout the day. I would love for that conversation to be able to continue with you. If you need to get ahold of me, please feel free to email ([email protected] 186. org), call Laketown and have them send it to me (217 -585 - 5819), or send a note in with your child. Thank you for another wonderful week with your children! Ms. Young