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Name Surname Department Name of department Ph. D defence day month year (written in

Name Surname Department Name of department Ph. D defence day month year (written in full, example: 01 April 2019) Supervisor Name Surname Co-supervisor Name Surname Funding Name agency + logo if applicable E-mail Preferable, but not mandatory logo funding agency if applicable Title of your Ph. D research work goes here Introduction / Objective Text in Arial 9: Introduce the subject matter of your research work here. What is the problem statement? What are the research objectives or practical goals to be obtained by the fascinating research work that you have been carrying out? Why is it important scientifically, technologically, economically, . . . ? Instruction to Ph. D student: please use the same section titles to maintain uniformity across the different Ph. D posters. Research Methodology Text in Arial 9: In this section (sometimes also called ‘Materials and Methods’) you should explain how you went about tackling the problem. What scientific methods and techniques did you use, or develop. Did you do some modeling, simulations or experimental investigations? How and which ones? What is novel or creative about your specific approach? Perhaps you can itemize the different steps or parts of your methodology: § More stuff here. § A nice picture (high quality, min. 200 dpi) is worth a thousand words! § More stuff here. Results & Conclusions Text in Arial 9: Time to show those great results you have obtained! Especially for the results, the use of one or more figures is highly recommended to make your one-page poster lively, colorful and attractive to read. Use high quality, min. 200 dpi graphics. Perhaps also here it is a good idea to itemize or summarize your results: Text in Arial 9: More of those great results here! Nulla sit amet ultrices mauris. Suspendisse vestibulum velit vel molestie eleifend. Suspendisse augue odio, commodo id cursus eget, elementum volutpat orci. Pellentesque a nunc blandit, laoreet elit sit amet. § Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. § Aliquam vehicula tellus ligula, a laoreet urna volutpat. Major publication Th. Isme, M. Yboss, O. Thers (2014). Read all about it, read all about it: how perseverance can lead to mindblowing results in science and engineering. Journal of Irreproducible Results, 31 (4), 2718 -2818. 1