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Monday (Aug 2) Tuesday (Aug 3) Wednesday (Aug 4) Rice Conference Room, 6764 Boelter

Monday (Aug 2) Tuesday (Aug 3) Wednesday (Aug 4) Rice Conference Room, 6764 Boelter Hall California Room, UCLA Faculty Center I. Fusion Nuclear Science and Technology (FNST) Meeting I. 2 C FNST – R&D Progress (continued) (a)summaries of various TBM activities I. 1 Opening Session (a)Meeting Goals (b)DOE Report I. 2 A FNST – R&D Progress (a)Thermofluid/MHD modeling & expmts (b)LM corrosion modeling & expmts (c)Tritium transport and fuel cycle 10: 00 AM II. Fusion Nuclear Science Facility (FNSF) Joint Discussions (Blanket/Mat/PFC/Physics) II. 1 Opening Session (a)DOE Perspectives (b)Prior FNSF/FNSP studies by the community 8: 30 AM PFC/FNSF Joint Session --PFC Chair, DOE Reports II. 4 FNSF Testing Strategy Discussions for PFC (a) options for FNSF divertor (b) FNSF testing strategy for PFC (c) R&D prior to FNSF Thursday (Aug 5) Friday (Aug 6) California Room, UCLA Faculty Center Rice Conference Room, 6764 Boelter Hall PFC Meeting contd. Tungsten (&related) PFCs -Joint PFC/FNST/MASCO Presentations/Discussio n (~2 hours) PFC Meeting contd. --Steering committee report --PFC Heat transfer & Fluid Flow --ITER, NSTX, etc device specific reports --Plasma Material Interaction (PMI) Lab Experiments II. 5 Wrap up of FNSF joint sessions (30 min) Parallel Meetings --All topic - discussions and wrap up V. MASCO Meeting (continued) (37 -124 – Eng. IV) Adjourn (~noon) I. 2 B FNST – R&D Progress (continued) (d) Si. C FCI research (e) Integrated simulation efforts & Neutronics tools developments (f) Others topics I. 3 FNST - ITER TBM (a)summaries of various TBM activities II. 2 Summaries of current FNSF-Related Activities (a)FNSF Steering Group (b)Summaries of various mission planning activities II. 3 FNSF Testing Strategy Discussions (a)Blanket testing strategy (b)Materials testing strategy (c)FNSF maintenance and research strategy 1: 30 PM Parallel Meetings Plasma Facing Components (PFC) Meeting contd. --PMI Lab Experiments contd. --SBIR/STTR Funded Work Progress (poster session) --Discussion on PFC priorities (1 hr) --Optional tour of UCLA Facilities --Tokamak Experiments --Plasma Edge/PMI Modeling PFC Discussion #1 TBD V. MASCO Meeting (37 -124 – Eng. IV) RECEPTION AND DINNER (Faculty Center) HOSTED BY PSTI PFC Steering Committee Dinner NOTES RED – indicates a Joint Session FNSF sessions will occur in times indicated, but specific discussion topics may evolve BLACK – indicates separate FNST, PFC, or MASCO meeting