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MISSION, VISION, AND CORE VALUES Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values are the defining

MISSION, VISION, AND CORE VALUES Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values are the defining phrases which shape our long-range plans, guide our daily agendas, perpetuate our independence, and determine the industry leadership position of our company. On an individual level, the words put into action will attract talented like-minded professionals, earn the loyalty of clients, and influence the career paths of those who share our beliefs. MISSION – WHY WE EXIST We make a difference by promoting health, protecting wealth, and delivering peace of mind. VISION – SELF-DEFINING DESTINATION By hiring and retaining the best professionals in our industry and leveraging our innovative, holistic approach for helping clients manage and reduce risk, Holmes Murphy’s entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative approach will build an enduring, independent enterprise that is a top leader in the industry. CORE VALUES – CHARACTER QUALITIES Expert Know-How Exceptional Service Integrity We begin by hiring the most-talented, best-educated professionals — people who are driven by a quest for excellence. They never stop learning. They are dedicated to continuous education, building their knowledge and developing an expertise that not only knows how to do what needs to be done — but how to do it smarter and faster. The result is state-of-the-art insurance solutions that allow our clients to use their own expertise without the distractions of dealing with risk. When you do business with us, there are no surprises. We do things right the first time. Our proactive, hands -on approach frees you to focus on your business. Beyond the exceptional service you deserve and receive from us, you also benefit from our advocacy. We champion your cause and provide the exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. Integrity is the center of every core value we practice. It is the quality on which we base all decisions and actions. We conduct business in an ethical manner, earning our clients’ trust by being honorable in all our relationships and providing value in every respect to the customers, vendors, employees, and communities that are part of who we are. By living our core values, we have acquired a reputation that attracts the partners we are privileged to serve. Laure Guisinger Senior Vice President 515 -223 -6856 Jim Kapsch Vice President 319 -896 -7708