Lovett Wellness Warriors Welcome to the Wellness World

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Lovett Wellness Warriors Welcome to the Wellness World! Whoooo is your Warrior Wellness Team?

Lovett Wellness Warriors Welcome to the Wellness World! Whoooo is your Warrior Wellness Team? LOVETT WELLNESS WARRIORS Allow us to introduce our Team to you. Through this Wellness Pilot Program, we aim to bring a “Wellness Culture” to Lovett Elementary. We are working closely with Nurse Chanthini Thomas and your P. E. teachers and administration to bring Wellness to You!. We aim to increase awareness of healthy behaviors and the importance of exercise and good nutrition for the students, teachers, staff and parent community. We look forward to presenting fun activities and learning opportunities as well as being a resource, inspiration and motivation for improved Wellness! Dorothy Cohen Serna, M. D. – Founder and CEO of North Cypress Wellness, is an Internal Medicine Physician. She is dedicated to the improved health of her patients and in doing so, focuses attention on Wellness and Prevention and encourages positive lifestyle choices as a means to improved health. Coach Glauce – Glauce Farge, a native of Brazil, is passionate about wellness and helping others to improve their lives and health in meaningful ways. She is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and provides Wellness Coaching services for North Cypress Wellness. Questions, suggestions or comments? Want to help out? Contact us: [email protected] com Coach Caroline – Caroline Hutchinson recently graduated from Texas A&M with a B. S. in Health Education. She has a special interest in Community Health. As an intern, she implemented a successful school Wellness pilot in College Station ISD and she is a certified health education specialist. Coach Sean – Sean Gipson recently graduated magnum cum laude from Houston Baptist University Pre-Med program. He has assisted Dr. Serna for several years in her office and brings his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to our Wellness Team during his year off prior to Med School.