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Let’s play games, let’s be friends, let’s learn together! Project Overview Learning Areas Levels

Let’s play games, let’s be friends, let’s learn together! Project Overview Learning Areas Levels Native language, Art, Math, Physical&Health education, Chemistry, History , Life skills 1 st to 6 th grade of elementary school, student age 6 -12 The overall aim of the project is to achieve a set of learning goals of the national Objectives curriculum through traditional children gaming. This is one way of bridging the new IT generation with old traditional and enriched values of our predecessors. Our goal is to recognize the meaning of the game as a great transfer knowledge tool and as a form of personal development cycle of our kids. Through the study of grandmother’s games to build a communication bridge between pupils from different regions, to overcome “the negative sides of passive cyber games” and to bring back to life the old playing games with creative use of technology. Description The children nowadays do not know how to play with their friends at the yard, they have never heard of traditional children’s games and this often leads to their preference to watch TV or play computer games which mostly provoke the aggressive emotions towards bad behaviour. They have more online friends than real one with whom they can talk, play and build the childhood. The difference we brought was that we use computers as a tool for learning while grandma’s games as a working method. This project is a cultural journey of traditional symbols and authentic values with new teaching methods which develops a unique approach of the lifelong learning. Applications Microsoft office: Word, Power Point, Publisher, One Note; Photo Synth, Auto Collage Windows Live Movie Maker, Messenger; Internet Explorer – Bing. Tags Grandma’s games, traditional values, friendship, art Authors ICT Coordinator Marina Vasileva Dobri Jovevski

Ask your Grandma what kind of games she played when she was a child?

Ask your Grandma what kind of games she played when she was a child? Project Background and Planning As children nowadays prefer to play on their computers rather than with their friends outside neighbourhoods. We start developing our idea to animate our students by bringing them play and learn outside in the school yard and in meanwhile use the IT as a tool for communication and learning. The grandma’s games are holistic approach while working with the students at this age, all of this in correlation with the curricula. The project introduced new ways of learning which focused on “learning by doing” and all participants of the project were driven by the motto “Let’s play games, let’s be friends, let’s learn together!” Grandmas’ games and their stories are a major source of our tradition, but unfortunately nowadays we give them no meaning. We believe this project to highlight the benefits of technology but in a different way where students not only learn but found the learning enthusiastic. The project brought “I can do that”- a spirit of the liveliness in all schools. Moreover, the project build a communication and working bridge in between school partners of the project. The use of technology was quite creative and innovative particularly when used in a cross-curricula context. For more information please refer to the attached documents on this slide. We hope you enjoy our project !