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Lesson 3: Artist Link: Jerry Reed "Over time, I have come to see that

Lesson 3: Artist Link: Jerry Reed "Over time, I have come to see that what motivates me is the result of my having redirected how I make images, turning from the externally directed position of witness to that of author. In so doing, I accept the entire authorship of the creative process from my creation of the paper sculpture to making of the fine art print. Paper Work, my current threeyear project is comprised of twenty-six images. In my studio, I shaped two-dimensional art papers giving them edges and volumes, then lit them dramatically utilizing Fresnel lighting to emphasize their three-dimensional forms. Though ephemeral, my forms are preserved photographically. " Photographer Jerry Reed cites both Jaroslav Rössler and Francis Bruguière as influences on his work. His objective and analytical approach to documenting visual effects may reflect his early career as a scientist. He explains how the making of the paper structures and lighting them is just as important as the photography. This is extremely relevant to our paper project. Research the work of Jaroslav Rossler and Francis Bruguiere and create either a word or powerpoint document with research outcomes. Alternatively, create a presentation page on paper. Remember, knowledge is the important factor. Fresnel lighting is a common lantern used in theatre, which employs a Fresnel lens to wash light over an area of the stage. The lens produces a wider, soft-edged beam of light.