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IMAGE MPM 40 MP-M series Music and paging mixer DESCRIPTION MP-M series 음악 및

IMAGE MPM 40 MP-M series Music and paging mixer DESCRIPTION MP-M series 음악 및 페이징 믹서는 고품질 포어그라운드/백그라 운드 오디오를 처리 및 라우팅하는 전례 없는 기능을 제공하며, 피트 니스 클럽, 호텔 미팅룸, 연회장 등 라이브 사운드가 필요한 공간을 위해 라이브 믹싱 기능을 제공합니다. FEATURES § 쉬운 구성 및 설계 § 워크플로우 마법사 § QSC 라우드스피커 보이싱 § 맞춤형 제어 레벨 § 유선/무선 제어 옵션 SPECIFICATIONS Inputs Output processing Total 8 EQ 1/3 octave GEQ Mic/line 4(euroblock) Anti-feedback filters 12 -band variable notch filters RCA 4(mono-summed RCA pairs) Dynamics Comp/limiter, ducker, loudness Delay 100 msec Loudspeaker tunings Factory: Intrinsic correction™ voicing for QSC loudspeakers User: 6 -band parametric EQ, HPF&LPF(Linkwitz-Riley or Butterworth; 12, 18 or 24 d. B/octave) Outputs Total 6 Line 4(euroblock, balanced) Music-on-Hold 1(euroblock, transformer balanced) Cue(phones) 1(3. 5 mm, stereo) Audio Control accessories MP-MFC Optional wall controller 32 -bit floating point MP Install For configuration/design functions(for i. OS/Android tablets, Windows and Mac OS PCs) THD < 0. 005%, +4 d. Bu and -2 d. Br; 20 Hz~20 k. Hz, unity gain, any input to any output MP manage For end user control functions(for i. OS/Android tablets and smartphones) Frequency response 20 Hz~20 k. Hz +/-0. 5 d. B, mic/line or line input to any line output Dynamic range > 106 d. B unweighted Crosstalk Sampling frequency 48 k. Hz Processing Other connections Ethernet 1 x RJ 45 for connection to Wi-Fi router (user supplied) > 90 d. B typical, >80 d. B max MP-MFC ports 2 x RJ 45 Gain(mic inputs) 51 d. B USB 2 USB-A(firmware&configuration uploads, USB Wi-Fi) Maximum input level +24 d. Bu(mic/line inputs), +10 d. BV(line inputs) GPI 2 inputs(euroblock) Maximum output level +21 d. Bu(line-level outputs), +10 d. BV (music on hold) Power requirements 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz, universal supply, IEC inlet Phantom power All microphone inputs(+12 volts) Indicators Blue power LED, blue starus LED Latency 2. 3 msec Dimensions(net) 1. 75 in x 19 in x 14 in (4. 5 cm X 48. 3 cm X 35. 6 cm) Input processing Weight(net/shipping) EQ 4 -band parametric EQ with high/low shelving option, variable 24 d. B/octave HPF and LPF Dynamics Gate, choice of AGC(Auto Gain Control) or compressor 7. 0 lb(3. 2 kg)/11. 0 lb(5. 0 kg)