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I I LIVING ROOM . -·· Rooms and fumfture • There islare • -

I I LIVING ROOM . -·· Rooms and fumfture • There islare • - Prepositions oe There ERl'S t ·s 1 are ···d and Iis. ten to Robert • Direction s com. P • STARTER I Do you live in a house or a flat? Do you have a garden or a ba lcony? Tell the class. 2 T 8. 1 W • don't IYvs • gart. Ult, lxit '1 alcorry. w • !lava • big Look at the picture. Listen and repeat the rooms of a house. liriltg l'tl 0 l 11, diliing room. • • • Bathroo m - a m • • = ' )lea. 1·vt·n g room. • . g h • S I I T S. ) describl. Jl h' description. . (ete is · g room ·i sn 't ve ry big, but 'MY l t Th ere's a n old sofa, a nd · 1 t 's grea iv 1 n 1 th i. mch a i rs. 's a ta b l e re are two a r nk th· h a TV and a DVD p l ayer on it. wi a lso a P l ay. Station®. I love a l l the som e books, and games. There a lot of pictu res and posters -on_t_h_e wal l s. two la m ps. My room's not very t idy but it's real ly comfortable. ' 2 Talk about Robert's living rom. I I 4 Ask and answer qi 1 r s. ja n s·abottt Robert's Ir. ng room Thg ra's an old sofa. Thar • ara two arm cha rs. i I • a sofa • a table • posters • armchairs • books • a DVD • lamps Play. Station • player ) T 8. 4 Listen and repeat the questions and answers. Is there a sofa? Is there a desk? Are there any armchairs? Are there any photographs? . / Yes, there is. )( No, there isn't. . / )( Yes, No, there aren't. Practise them with a partner. 1 4 ' • a TV • photographs • a desk • a telephone • lamps • a DVD player • a Play. Statio • lstllu& a TV? r---- Ye s: . tiicr& is. . Na, ltlu 1 aru"t. 5 Look aga i n : i. t Roben's li"'ing room. Is it tidy? T 8. 5 Listen to Robc!l 1 t: i lki ng to his l mother. '/bat th in s in his fu. t does - - she ask a. bout? 2 Vh: i. t are her questioru? 3 '/hen do. : s she "'-a n t to visit? : i the things in the house W 9 ·r a bed ]a cooker Ia sofa. Listen and repeat. • Where I live · ri e the numbers. a TV 0 0 0 aa sh ower. toilet Complete the sentences. 00 a table O afridge an armcha ir 0 a lamp D a picture 0 a magazine Positive 0 a DVD p layer 0 a laptop 0 a desk There's a sofa. --- two armchairs. Htgatlv e. . -------a TV? Are there any pict ures 7 There Isn't a computer. Gramm. a. n. . 1_ _ _ . . . Look at T 8. 5 on p 117. Practise the conversation with : i. partner. 6 \"ork with a partner. Describe your living room. any photograph In '"Y Jivl"g room tllu • · a ··· Thar • a Jot or