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HEX #A 6 BBCD HEX #53979 C HEX #661 A 42 HEX #0 B

HEX #A 6 BBCD HEX #53979 C HEX #661 A 42 HEX #0 B 3 F 50 Talent at Harvey Nash EXAMPLE TEXT WORKFORCE PLANNING: Embedding and maintaining a simple succession planning process and tool that can be implemented in each regional business, enabling us to identify high potentials (in all levels of our business from consultants to leadership roles) and core performers and areas of underperformance EMPLOYER BRANDING: Creating a buzz externally as a brilliant employer to attract the best and ensure we can fill our 2019 expansion targets. TALENT ACQUISITON: Complimenting our ongoing internal reviews with an extensive external one; driving direct sourcing and which adds value above and beyond reactive recruitment; maintaining and expanding concurrent regional talent pipelines, minimising time to hire and ensuring we always have a plan B. DEVELOPMENT & GROWTH PLANS: Creating opportunities for every person, at every level, to grow and develop at Harvey Nash by partnering with the business to create a relevant and regenerative L&D strategy and bespoke people plans. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: Continuing to build an incredible culture and environment through consistent internal reviews and revolutionary employee experiences. PEOPLE ANALYTICS: Ensuring the above are based on sound and transparent principles built from people analytics, examples being Pulse Surveys, Attrition, Cost to hire, Time to hire, Training Spend and the correlation between business performance.