Espaol 3 SYLLABUS 2020 2021 Be on time

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Español 3 SYLLABUS 2020 -2021 Be on time, on task & prepared EVERYDAY #nofreedays

Español 3 SYLLABUS 2020 -2021 Be on time, on task & prepared EVERYDAY #nofreedays Phones are placed in the “Estacionamiento” when you enter the class. If there is not a phone or slip in your assigned cell pocket – you are marked absent. While learning online, keep phones put away please. Respect yourself and others. Be responsible for your own learning. Don’t cheat = Academic Integrity. Respect the classroom and clean up after yourself. • • • ¡Avancemos! is our Spanish text. We use it to frame our curriculum and review/reinforce our information. • Folder or binder specifically for Spanish materials. STAY ORGANIZED y l p p • Spanish/English dictionary – paper u S st copy or download. Wordreference. com i L (but remember no phones in class) • Pencils, pens. paper etc. – being prepared is the pathway to success. Do you have GRIT? Get it! G. give it your all R. responsible for your learning I. ignore giving up T. take time to do it right · · While learning online, you will have a one week grace period to turn in work with no penalty. It is recommended to turn work in on time so you do not fall behind. Class Website and Resources Megan Appelt Usage of our class website and Google classroom are required. The website will be used mostly for parent communication while the Google classroom is for student use. We will also be using Classzone. com, Conjuguemos. com and other online resources. Be vigilant in checking the Google classroom for your class period. You must use your district Gmail account to communicate with me ([email protected] com). Room: A 215 Phone: 520. 407. 4131 E-mail: [email protected] com I am always here to meet with you - be assertive and ask. Parents can reach me by phone or email. This is an upper-level academic elective course designed for students who have successfully completed Spanish II. Students will participate in advanced grammar and conversational situations with continued practice of the four language skills, short story/literature readings and cultural observations. · Daily attendance is imperative to be successful in your Spanish class. If · • Practice is critical for success. In addition to class assignments, you are expected to practice/review independently every day. Speak aloud even when alone. This seems weird but it works to improve your pronunciation. Contact Info: Attend Class Every Day · • • you miss class, you miss work. There will be activities/assignments that can ONLY be completed in class whether your absence is excused or not. Attendance will be taken every day in our Zoom meetings. You must be present, video on with a neutral background, mic muted. We will present ourselves as we would in the classroom (dress code, proper study area). Please identify yourself first name, last name. Please review the Amphitheater District Secondary Grading Procedures for the 2020 -2021 school year (attached). Student attendance is a vital part of student success. Believe me – I’m nervous too. What is my grade? How much do things count? Presentation/Project/Quiz/Test Classwork/Participation Homework Final Exam What does a grade mean? 40% 25% 15% 20% There are no test re-takes or corrections offered on completed assessments. Students may require more time to obtain a better understanding of material and earn points when demonstrating mastery on an agreed upon alternative assignment. A: Exceeds proficiency, can teach someone else B: Full comprehension C: Developing understanding, approaching independence D: Beginning to understand, still dependent upon support F: Attempts to demonstrate learning were unsuccessful CHECK YOUR GRADE ON THE STUDENT PORTAL. All academic integrity policies outlined in the Student Handbook will be followed. The teacher reserves the right to alter the class syllabus and will notify students of changes.

ACADEMIC Honesty: All students are expected to follow the IRHS Honor Code. Plagiarism /

ACADEMIC Honesty: All students are expected to follow the IRHS Honor Code. Plagiarism / Cheating / Online Translators Your original thoughts are always more creative, intelligent, and interesting than someone else’s! I want to know what *YOU* think! If you’re having trouble with an assignment, communicate with me. Please do not wait until the absolute last minute to have that conversation. I am here to help. Plagiarism is theft, plain and simple = non-negotiable zero for the assignment. Cooperative work is fine, copying is not. Copying from someone else IS plagiarism / cheating. While we will often work together in class to discuss ideas and upcoming projects/assignments, you may not split any assignment amongst your classmates. Collaboration is wonderful and encouraged, cheating is not. Direct copying of information = cheating = 0 for all involved. Don’t be a sheep; think for yourself! Do your own work! Unless SPECIFICALLY instructed to do so, do NOT use an online translator to complete your work. They do not work in the way that you imagine, and you only end up creating strange sounding nonsense. Do your own work; it is the ONLY way to learn the material. Plagiarism, cheating and/or use of an online translator without permission is cheating and, when discovered, will result in the grade of ZERO, a phone call or email home and an administrative referral. ★PARENTAL SUPPORT ★ Even though your child is growing up, your involvement is crucial. *Check the parent portal often. * Provide a quiet place where your student can work at home without distractions such as TV and cell phones. * Help your student keep a regular homework schedule. Homework will be assigned most nights and even when homework in not assigned it is suggested that students spend at least 20 minutes a night reviewing Spanish grammar and vocabulary. * Help your student study by quizzing him/her with flashcards or other effective study aids. Remember, repeated practice is the best way to learn a new language and you might learn some Spanish too! *Feel free to call or email with concerns. It is super important that you advocate for yourself and that you communicate what you need. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO SPEAK SPANISH and be AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in this class and in your own learning.

Amphitheater School District Secondary School Protocols for Grading and Assessment for the 2020 –

Amphitheater School District Secondary School Protocols for Grading and Assessment for the 2020 – 2021 Academic Year Guiding Principles for Grading and Assessment: The impact of COVID-19 on student learning and mastery, particularly given the start of the academic year in remote learning by necessity model, requires us to use district-wide grading practices. The challenges of restarting in-person instruction necessitates teachers practicing the principle of “grading with grace, ” providing students with opportunities to demonstrate mastery of State standards and other course standards using traditional and non-traditional methods of assessment. Moreover, during this unprecedented time, we must recognize the disparity that exists between students’ homes; realizing that for many students, the optimal learning environment is on campus. In light of the profound implications of COVID-19 on students’ academic learning and social-emotional well-being, Amphitheater School District’s Secondary Schools have adopted the following principles and protocols for grading and assessment for the 2020 – 2021 school year. Given the aforementioned and following the recommendations set forth in the Blue Ribbon Task Force report and approved by the Amphitheater School District’s Governing Board on Tuesday, July 14, the following practices and protocols will be used for all grading and assessment practices throughout the academic year. • Teachers will provide students and parents with an explanation of their grading practices, in the teacher’s class guidelines/syllabi and on the homepage of their classroom website, that will be used to determine course grades. • Students are expected to complete and submit assignments by the stated/written due date. Students can submit work up to a week late with no penalty. Individual student challenges should be considered before assigning a grade. • The minimum grade that can be assigned to a student on any given assignment is a 50%. Students who are on track to State and course standards mastery, show effort, and meet deadlines can expect a grade higher than 50%. • Teachers should use standards-based grading practices to assess students’ mastery of State and course standards. • Open-ended deadlines, particularly those that extend beyond the current unit’s summative assessment or grading term, should be avoided. • Teachers will notify a student’s parent/guardian if the student’s overall grade drops more than one (1) letter grade. Communication with the parent/guardian and the student’s counselor will occur within 48 hours of the change in grade. (Documentation of communication with students and parents/guardians will be entered into Tyler SIS’s Communication Log. ) • Teachers will enter a minimum of one grade per week into Tyler. This graded assessment of learning will be meaningful, substantive and aligned to State and course standards. • Assessments which measure progress toward student mastery of skills and standards should be utilized prior to assigning a final grade. Assessments include, but are not limited to, formative and summative quizzes, tests, projects, essays or presentations that demonstrate proficiency and mastery of State and course standards. • Assessments of learning, based on identified State and course standards, will be on-going and will be utilized to drive instruction, identify opportunities for reteaching, intervention and enrichment. This data will be used to determine student mastery. • Assessments and grading, including meaningful and timely feedback on assignments, should provide information that students can use for self-evaluation and which teachers can use to personalize and differentiate student learning and instruction. • All grading, based on informal and formal assessments, should take into consideration students’ social-emotional needs, external challenges and the ability of the student.

Ironwood Ridge High School Remote Learning by Necessity Guide for Student Engagement 2020 –

Ironwood Ridge High School Remote Learning by Necessity Guide for Student Engagement 2020 – 2021 Academic Year Dear Ironwood Ridge High School Family, This summer the Amphitheater School District formed the Blue Ribbon Task Force to develop recommendations for learning based on the feedback of the Amphi community. Based on this feedback and collaboration, we are excited to offer the “Remote Learning by Necessity” model, which will result in students engaging their teachers using Google Classroom. In addition to the use of Google Classroom as the primary learning platform, teachers will engage students using Zoom video technology. We recognize that the need for daily engagement will best be facilitated through a daily schedule that establishes routine meeting times while offering flexibility for students and families. We know that the best place for students to learn is on campus, in classrooms; however, until we can provide in-person learning, your student will be provided with live instruction, using Google Classroom and Zoom, on a daily basis from Ironwood Ridge’s teachers. Teachers are excited to begin the year, teaching and interacting with students virtually using Google Classroom and Zoom to communicate curriculum, expectations, learning objectives, daily assignments and links to videos. Teachers may also use supplemental resources, such as ALEKS (Math), Labster (Science), Edgenuity and more to enhance students’ learning experiences. Teachers will post information and details on how students will access their class, including their class guidelines/syllabi to their individual district webpages. Classes begin Monday, August 10 th. At the start of each period, students will log into class using Zoom. Once a student enters the Zoom class, teachers will take attendance and provide instructions on what will be done that day. Attached to this letter is the “Remote Learning by Necessity” bell schedule that Ironwood Ridge’s teachers will use to schedule and conduct classes. Classes will be held daily according to the following two ways: • Direct Engagement: Teachers will be delivering lessons just as they would in the classroom using Zoom. During this time, the teacher may use lectures, guided practice and small group discussions to facilitate learning. Teachers can also use this time to answer questions, provide intervention and extend learning. Teachers will be available during the entire period. • Google Classroom Learning/Engagement/Intervention: Students will be working on assignments for class. Students may engage in Google Classroom (access documents, ask questions, turn in assignments, engage in activities). Students may also receive small group instruction and/or utilize other instructional resources. Teachers will be available the entire period to work with students individually and answer questions. To help prepare students for the start of the school year, we are providing the following information to help familiarize students with the routines teachers will be following: • Students should expect to engage their teachers in the Zoom environment with their webcam activated. If your student is not able to use a webcam, please email the teacher and let them know the circumstances. • To be admitted into Zoom classrooms, students must have a neutral background, an appropriate environment, be appropriately dressed and ready to learn. Students who are in pajamas, laying in their bed or use an inappropriate background will be exited from the classroom. • Teachers will communicate information and/or email students using students’ Amphi Gmail accounts. Student’s Amphi Gmail accounts use the following format: [email protected] amphi. com (Ex. [email protected] amphi. com) • Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of the class period; thus, it is important to enter class on time. • When using Zoom, students will need to use their first initial, last name to identify themselves to the teacher. • Students need to follow proper etiquette in both the Zoom and Google Classroom environments, refraining from inappropriate language or off topic discussions.

PARENTAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT You must be signed in to the student Google email to complete

PARENTAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT You must be signed in to the student Google email to complete and submit this form. https: //forms. gle/UUs. Cb. Vg. HCu. Nzec 9 L 8