English Learning Journey Year 11 Year 7 Writing

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English Learning Journey Year 11 Year 7 Writing methods Analysis of text Poetic Concepts

English Learning Journey Year 11 Year 7 Writing methods Analysis of text Poetic Concepts and Features of Understanding Drawing devices Meaning and Texts and their Becoming themes Language and relationships conclusions representation contexts sophisticated Structure between and writers characters forming Reading and understanding opinions Literature Paper Two Mock Hyde Frightening Outsider Paragraph ‘Tissue’ ‘Checking Out Me History’ Human Nature Essay Unseen Poetry Jekyll and Hyde Pow Revising 15 poems Understanding Narrative Linking extracts Victorian challenging structure to whole text er Effects of context vocabulary context And Independent Criticising to a Confl analysis Exam success Individual Linking reading critical techniques and writing viewpoint responses ict Poetr Language y Revision Clust er English Mock: Summer Thr Paper One Paper Two ee ‘London’ Paragraph ‘Ozymandias’ ‘London’ ‘My Last Duchess’ S&L Spoken Non-Fiction Reading YEAR Sophisticated writing techniques An Inspector Manipulating Calls Paper readers Recapping Two non-fiction Summer Paper Mr Birling reading Two Exam Revision Paragraph 11 Death Zone London Snow ‘Exposure’ Paragraph YEAR 8 Creative Writing Shark Article Road to Wigan Pier Nursing Texts Prison Texts London Texts Popular TV Texts Sherlock Holmes Comprehension Macbeth Essay ‘Storm on the Island’ Essay AIC Reviews Emmett Till Lady Macbeth Paragraph ‘Kamikaze’ ‘Storm on the Island’ ‘The Prelude’ ‘The Emigree’ Mystery Opening Essay ‘A Case of Murder’ ‘Mystery Opening’ ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Girl Image Narrative Mystery Extracting information Creative Reading Paper One: Own Image Jamaica Inn Description ‘King of the Castle’ ‘Birdsong’ ‘ 1984’ ‘Love for Lydia’ Paper One: A Sound of Thunder settings method in poetry Inference skills ‘The Great Gatsby’ ‘The Constant Princess’ Dracula Detective Comprehension Outsiders ‘Frankenstein’ Novel Essay Opening Article ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow’ ‘The Tiger in the Smoke’ ‘The Big Sleep’ Linking themes Extract annotations ‘Of Mice and Men’ Hopes and Dreams essay Job Interview S&L Job Application Letter Curley’s Wife Sorcerer The Tempest Comprehension Description Comprehension Caliban Essay Speaking and listening (pairs) Reading for meaning ‘Of Men and Their Making’ YEAR ‘Dracula’ ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ ‘Rebecca’ Gothic ‘Frankenstein’ ‘Half-Caste’ ‘Dracula’ NF ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ Magic ‘The Tempest’ ‘Harry Potter’ ‘Wizard of Oz’ 9 Genre Analysing Creating. Effects of setting. Creating Character Gothic Formal Non-Fiction Flashbacks Character Shakespearean Debating/ backstory Language Arguing a point character stereotypes settings language reading character tension of view Meaning in poetry Reading for Character Vocabulary Building an Generating Engaging understanding Linking Poetic Reading & devices empathy texts choices Extracting Readers Ideas argument Understanding quotes s Myth And ds n e g e ‘Beowulf’ L ‘Theseus and the Minotaur Comprehension Choosing the Exploring Applying context “right” question themes ‘Remains’ ‘Poppies’ ‘War Photographer’ ‘Exposure’ ‘Bayonet Charge’ ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ Paper Two: Ghosts Medusa Feelings Essay Advanced language techniques Comparison Romanticism Context of war Poetic language skills knowledge Linking of ideas in response intent and context Recognising plot and poetry ideas to text poetry character Using non. Identifying Responding to a Structure fiction features non-fiction Building “Show don’t Interpreting Structures of narrative tell” Features of critical view of a text features Synthesising information texts Comparing ideas creative writing ideas Non. Fiction Writing ‘Medusa’ Revision Macbeth Dramatic Power and Conflict Poetry Power and characters Cluster One Dramatic Conflict Poetry techniques Cluster Two. Comparing Dramatic Symbolism Personal Contemporary GCSE 10 An Inspector Calls GCSE Speaking and Listening Task Exam & Post – 16 Destination Comparison of Identifying Sophisticated Metacognition Exam mastery emotion knowledge and challenging skills vocabulary gaps Identifying emotion in poetry ‘The Scarlet Plague’ ‘Maleficent’ ‘Jaws’ ‘Silent Scream’ ‘Lord of the Flies’ Prison Articles Cruise Ship Disaster YEAR ‘Rejection’ and ‘Years Ago’ ‘To a Daughter’ and ‘Poem for My Sister’ ‘Tramp’ and ‘Decomposition’ ‘Nettles’ and ‘They Call This’ the Minotaur’ Herot Hall Description ‘Wuthering Heights’ ‘Laughter Beneath the Bridge’ ‘The Unforgotten Coat’ ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ ‘Island Man’ ‘Asylum Seekers’ NF ‘Hurricane Hits England’ ‘Search for my Tongue’ Place Refugees Asylum Seekers Essay Comprehension Wuthering Heights Brochure ‘Framed’ ‘Follower’ ‘Danny: Champion of the World’ ‘Huckleberry Finn’ Fami ly ‘Catrin’ Essay Nomination Letter (Family Member of the Year) ‘Chinese Cinderella’ ‘Catrin’ Huckleberry Finn Comprehension Litera cy Boot camp YEAR 7 Relevance of context