Director of Childrens Services Jon Abbey Assistant Director

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Director of Children’s Services Jon Abbey Assistant Director Early Help and Prevention Gill Gibson

Director of Children’s Services Jon Abbey Assistant Director Early Help and Prevention Gill Gibson Head of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Vikki Monk Meyer Service Educational Early Years Psychology Shubi Yvonne Raymond Wade Manager Disabled Children’s Team Jeannette Brand Head of Targeted Response and Youth Justice – Jennifer Sergeant Head of Early Help & Prevention Gareth Morgan Service Manager Locality team West and Early years Lead Helen Morris Service Manager Locality Team Central Meeta Mahtani Service Manager Locality Team East and Youth lead Johanna Hunt Team Language Team Manager & Autism SEN Admin Manager Team Manager Janet Support Manager Patricia John Cleo Miller Janeta Taylor. Lawrence Murphy Guarnieri Achille Team Manager Arzu Kaya Assistant Director Safeguarding & Social Care Neelam Bhardwaja Service Manager Youth Justice Simon Stone Team Manager Matthew Jenkins Team Manager 2 Loice Kawonde Team Manager Carol Soverall Business Support Manager Family Link Section August 2016 CYPS: Early Help and Prevention, SEND and Social Care & Safeguarding team managers and above Service Manager Assessment /SPA/MASH Sarah Stuart Team Manager 1 Team Manager Emmanuel Ajose Acting Team Manager Haslemere Road Bash Olopoenia Head of Children in Need of Support & Protection Carol Carruthers Performance and Info Manager Team Manager Interim Team 5 Steve Cornwall Team Manager NRPF Lisa Marie Carr Service Manager Safeguarding Michele Henry Team Manager 1 Helen Buckley Team Manager 2 Toyin Akinrinlade Team Acting Team Manager 3 Melanie Rasheeda Richards Kalo Acting Team Manager 4 Dionne Beatrice Pompey. Peters Okoli Interim SPA Team Manager 5 Manager Maurice Ngozi Layne Palmer Acting Team Manager MASH Sherma Charles Team Manager EDT Andrew Martin Head of Children in Care & Placements Dominic Porter-Moore Service Manager Court Team Annie Walker LSCB/ SAB Service Business Manager Conferenc Manager Young Adults Adoption & Children in e & review Patricia Emma Fostering Care Cummergen Lesley Kettles Sunita Durr Khattra. Team Hall Team Manager Sandra Manager 1 Clark 1 Rashmi Bramble Mc. Auley Elif Urger Nigam Team Manager Lily 2 Valerie Church / 2 Rita Linda Sayers Jo Fry Domingues Treen Team Manager 3 Corinna Wraight Head of Service, Safeguarding, Quality, Improvement and Practice Sarah Alexander Team Manager Angela Neita Team Manager Caroline Nwakamma Acting Team Manager Adoption Grace Panayiotou Panel & Conference Business Support Section Carlena Denis Operation al Support Section Screening Section