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Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Printers Direct Thermal Transfer « Applies heat directly to

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Printers Direct Thermal Transfer « Applies heat directly to a printer without involving a ribbon « Uses heat-sensitive labels that darken to form barcodes, graphics, and printed text as heat is applied by the printer’s print head « Requires a printer that works with a thermal transfer ribbon and media « Uses carbon-based ribbons which are chemically transferred onto a label’s substrate when heated Benefits « Ribbons can be many different formulas and colors, so user isn’t limited to black print « Crisp and durable print quality « Can print on paper, film, and even foil substrates « Overall lower cost since ribbons aren’t required « Direct thermal printers are easier to operate Used For: Many Forms of Signage Food Manufacturing Identification Mailing & Small Parcel Delivery Product Identification Retail Asset Tagging Applications « Suitable for short shelf life labels which aren’t exposed to extreme light or heat « Expected life of label is less than 1 year « Ribbon and label combinations are available that provide resistance against: q Abrasion q Heavy wear Warning: Direct thermal labels tend to self-erase over time, especially when exposed to heat or sunlight q Temperature extremes q Chemical damage To select the print technology for your application, consider: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Description of stat have goes here Description Will your labels a shelf-life of over one year? of stat goes here Will you be printing high-density barcodes? Will the labels be subjected to heat or sunlight? Will the labels be subject to chemicals or other forms of abrasives? Will you be printing on a variety of different label types such as papers, films, and foils? DAYS 6. Will you DAYS ever need to print labels in colors other than black? 28 15 If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you should strongly Description goes here Description of stat goes here consider usingofastat thermal transfer label printer rather than a direct label printer. TSC Direct Thermal Printers « TDP-225 W « TDP-244 TSC is an industry leader with an installed base of 3 million printers in over 100 countries. As you’re evaluating different printers for your industry or even looking at different ribbons and labels, we’d be happy to walk you through our devices and find what would be the best printer for you. TSC Thermal Transfer Printers « « « TTP-245 C Series ME 240 Series TTP-268 M Series TA 200 Series TTP-243 Pro Series TTP-244 Pro Want to learn more about our direct thermal or thermal transfer printers? YOUR LOGO Call us today at 844 -852 -8754! http: //tscautoidsolutions. com