Choices Application for Addiction Recovery Nicholas Kwiecinski Nathaniel

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Choices! Application for Addiction Recovery Nicholas Kwiecinski, Nathaniel Bouman, Savannah Smith, Charles Morris, Andrew

Choices! Application for Addiction Recovery Nicholas Kwiecinski, Nathaniel Bouman, Savannah Smith, Charles Morris, Andrew Mueller Professor Nicholas Rosasco, DSc (Advisor); Professor Paula Dranger, MSW, LCSW, MAC (Client) Abstract Today, technology is playing an increasingly significant role in remote healthcare by delivering treatments and assisting patients to manage their conditions. This is particularly true for patients fighting addictions. Our team has created a proof of concept and initial implementation for a support tool for those dealing with chemical dependency issues. The software we have created was made using the Ionic 2 Framework and the Firebase real-time database to simplify multi-platform and multidevice support. The suite includes two separate applications: one for patients receiving treatment, and one with a backend interface for caregiver staff, connected by the shared database between the two apps. These tools will assist patients managing their addiction and help them recover. Background Choices! Counseling Services has commissioned an app to help patients recovering from addictions to schedule and view appointments, control their symptoms, and find support when needed. Our team, through the Computing and Information Sciences department of Valparaiso University, and in collaboration with Paula Dranger, Assistant Director of the Valparaiso University SAAFE Office, has created an initial implementation of the software suite. Using this prototype as a model, Choices! Counseling Services hopes to commission a full-scale application for use with their clients, as well as for other practices. Application Features Administrator Application Client Application Home Page Shows an inspirational message set by the administrator Selects one of the clients of the current administrator Displays the next upcoming meeting Client Selection Page Selecting a client switches from an overview to modifying that client’s data Shows the most recent Goal Shows the most Recent Journal Entry Home Page Triggered/Contact Page Button for client to press when feeling triggered - logs press and pushes the contact page Sets the inspirational message to be viewed by clients Lists the contacts that can be called when a client is feeling triggered Shows overview for all clients in overview mode Calendar Page Alerts Page Creates a new meeting Features Not Shown Records who was called and when they were called to inform the administrator Uses geolocation to determine whether the client is in the correct location to “check in” to a meeting Shows meeting details, including the time, location, and if it was checked in to or missed Challenges ● ● ● Ionic 2 is an evolving framework Multiplatform mobile environment Database integration Synchronization problems/offline mode Administrator and client interactions ● Journal entry and modification ● Goal creation and modification ● Login features such as account recovery ● Administrator single client view ● Administrator web view ● Signing up a new client as an administrator Shows alerts when each client has indicated a trigger, and the time and date when it occurred Also shows alerts when a client calls a contact Future Work ● ● ● Administration of curricula Additional check-in verification features Notifications Profile pictures for clients Gamification of client side Timeline of client’s progress Acknowledgements ● Professor Paula Dranger, MSW, LCSW, MAC (Client) ● Ionic 2 Framework (https: //ionicframework. com/docs/) ● Firebase Realtime Database (https: //firebase. google. com/docs/database/) ● Angular. Fire. Offline (https: //github. com/adriancarriger/angularfire 2 -offline)