Asbury Parks Gentrification and Proposed Research into Changes

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Asbury Park’s Gentrification and Proposed Research into Changes in Early Childhood Education Background and

Asbury Park’s Gentrification and Proposed Research into Changes in Early Childhood Education Background and Purpose Laura Elizabeth Petillo s [email protected] edu Monmouth University Department of Education Asbury Park is a city of contradictions: ED 624 Research in Teaching Practice - Dr. Kerry Carley-Rizzuto • It is one of New Jersey’s most unique vacation beach Positive Results from Teaching Writing in Creative Proposed towns with award-winning restaurants, legendary Curriculum Versus Big Day Pre-K concert venues, seaside hotels, and the famous Research boardwalk. (Trip-Advisor) • However, its crime rate is 96. 2% higher than other US Cities in 2018 (City-Data. com). And my own student was shot this past August on Memorial Drive (ABC 7 Eyewitness News). Gentrification and Covid-19 are Impacting Families Negatively • The construction of expensive homes and businesses is gentrifying the city and raising the rent. And therefore Parents are working longer hours to make ends meet. “[Politicians] must listen to grassroots leaders over powerful special interests that prioritize the profits of wealthy landlords, many of whom received millions from a loophole in the federal COVID-19 response bill, over the needs of working families. And they must implement legislation quickly, before statewide moratoriums expire, and families are faced with the specter of eviction and homelessness (Simmons, May 2020, Asbury Park Press) Asbury Park City and. ”District Background • • Left: Student photographic data sample from Pre-K 2017 class, • Creative Curriculum Small Group on shared writing, no teacher directed instruction on letter formations. (TS Gold Data 2017) • Right: Student photographic data sample from current Pre-K 2020 class, Big Day Pre-K Small Group with a focus on letter writing formations from teacher instruction. (TS Gold Data 2020) • Big Day Pre-K is working well teaching children letter writing and letter sounds. Proposal: Could the Big Day Pre-K Curriculum give Asbury Park’s Pre -K students a better foundation in Math as well as English Language Arts for Kindergarten readiness more than the Creative Curriculum? “The future is in our hands. Our lives are what we choose to make of them. ” Winston Churchill One of the former 31 Abbott Districts-SDA districts. Preschool program uses Creative Curriculum and Big Day Pre-K for Letter Formation, Awareness and Sounds but not for Math. Receives aid from the State of NJ for building repair costs, other areas. • In 2015, 31. 1% of families and 29. 4% of the population lived below the poverty line. Therefore, children in the Asbury Park school district live in a state of poverty or worse. • Population estimate of Asbury Park is approx. 15, 818 (2010 Census). Purpose for Curriculum Change. School Performance Assessment Data for Student Growth • • • Both Asbury Park Elementary schools barely met the standard for ELA, Thurgood Marshall was at 43 percent whereas the Bradley School reached 40%. (NJ Performance Report) The needed area of improvement is clearly the Math area. The scores are so low for both schools that they did not meet the standard. This may be attributed to the lack of teacher directed Math small groups in the Creative Curriculum and lack of family involvement in teaching math concepts. • • Supporting Evidence for Big Day Pre-K and Research Methodology In 2010 -2011 a Case Study was conducted in Startzville Elementary School in Canyon Lake Texas on the positive effects of Big Day Pre-K in three classrooms. (HMH) Results and Data was conducted with the TOPEL (Test of Preschool and Early Literacy) and ECI (Early Childhood Inventory) Results showed significant gains in Number sense from 0% to 59% gains and sorting abilities increased from 4% to 93%. (HMH) Proposal for a Similar Research Study In Asbury Park First, a one-year Quantitative Experimental Study in an Asbury Park Prekindergarten Classroom using Big Day Pre-K also using TOPEL and ECI Second, follow the levels of the children the following year in their Kindergarten using appropriate data collection from ECI Assessments. Would the data show similar positive results as the Startzville Case Study? Stress, Poverty and Maltreatment; How they Effect Children & Families Parenting stress due to parent-child dysfunctional interaction (PCDI) appeared as the best predictor of general homebased involvement as well as modeling and monitoring in literacy by caregivers, explaining 9% and 6% of additional variance in these behaviors, after parental education was controlled. (Can & Ginsburg, “Parenting stress and homebased literacy interactions in low-income preschool families”, 2016). • Childhood maltreatment has been associated with a host of neurocognitive consequences, such as low academic performance and IQ and deficits in emotion and reward processing, attention, and inhibitory control (Lim, Radua, Rubia, , Danese, “Gray Matter Abnormalities in Childhood Maltreatment: A Voxel-Wise Meta-Analysis”, 2014). . References Big Day Pre. K. (2020). Overview Big Day Pre. K. Retrieved from Johnson, A. (2020, August 19). 4 -year-old girl shot https: //www. hmhco. com/programs/big-day-for- while playing outside New Jersey apartment prek/overview complex. Retrieved October 01, 2020, from Big Day Research Update. (2020) Retrieved from https: //abc 7 ny. com/girl-shot-child-asbury-parkhttps: //prod-hmhco-vmg-craftcmsshooting-new-jersey/6377959/ private. s 3. amazonaws. com/documents/Big. Day_Research. Updates_Startzville_0915_8295. pdf? THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Asbury Park - 2020 X-Amz-Content-Sha 256=UNSIGNED-PAYLOAD&X(with Photos). (n. d. ). Retrieved October 01, 2020, Amz-Algorithm=AWS 4 -HMAC-SHA 256&X-Amz. NJ School Performance Report Reference Guide from https: //www. tripadvisor. com/Attractions. Credential=AKIAJMFIFLXXFP 4 CBPDA%2 F 20201107 2017 -2018. Retrieved from g 29748 -Activities-Asbury_Park_New_Jersey. html %2 Fus-east-1%2 Fs 3%2 Faws 4_request&X-Amzhttps: //rc. doe. state. nj. us/Documents/1718/Refere Date=20201107 T 001359 Z&X-Amznce. Guide. pdf Signed. Headers=host&X-Amz-Expires=3600&X-Amz Signature=91 ccf 28 bfad 3 f 1 e 513 f 5 cfac 058 a 9 b 48 c 05 8 f 54 c 36 aab 3 a 653 d 5 c 91065 e 60779 Thurgood Marshall Elementary School Performance Report. Accessed on 9/12/2020. Bradley Elementary School Performance Report. Retrieved from Accessed on 9/12/2020. Retrieved from https: //rc. doe. state. nj. us/report. aspx? type=summ NJ School Performance Report Search Results. aryschool&lang=english&county=25&district=0100 Retrieved from &school=040&schoolyear=2018 -2019 https: //rc. doe. state. nj. us/schoollist. aspx? district=0&school=100&schoolyear=2018 -2019 100&dist. Name=ASBURY%20 PARK%20 SCHOOL%20 Can, D. & Gingsburg-Block, M. (2016). Parenting DISTRICT&year=2018 -2019 stress and home-based literacy interactions in lowincome preschool families. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 46, 51– 62. doi: 10. 1016/j. appdev. 2016. 07. 002 U. S. Census. (2015) U. S. Fact Finder. Retrieved Crime rate in Asbury Park, New Jersey (NJ): from: Murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, https: //www. census. gov/quickfacts/table/PST 0452 thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement Simmons. Asbury Park Press. May 24 th, 2020 "New 15/3401960 employees, police officers, crime map. (n. d. ). Retrieved October 01, 2020, from https: //www. city. Asbury Park housing policies protect residents against gentrification. ” -data. com/crime-Asbury-Park-Newhttps: //www. app. com/story/opinion/columnists/2 Jersey. html 020/05/24/new-asbury-park-affordable-housingpolicies-protect-residents-againstgentrification/5237561002