Appendix THEMIS FDMO Review Appendix 1 October 5

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Appendix THEMIS FDMO Review Appendix − 1 October 5, 2004

Appendix THEMIS FDMO Review Appendix − 1 October 5, 2004


List of Acronyms ADS ALSRB ASM ATS BAU BEARS BFDS BTAPS CADU CAM CCB CCSDS CDMS CHIPS CIM CLCW CLTU CMD COSPAR CP CRMP CTE CTP CTV DMZ DOD DPS DRMS ECEF ECI EDOS EFI EOS EPV ESA Attitude Determination System Air-lit Solid Rocket Booster Attached Synchronization Marker Absolute Time Sequence Bus Avionics Unit Berkeley Emergency & Anomaly Response System Berkeley Flight Dynamics System Berkeley Trending and Plotting System Channel Access Data Unit Command Authorization Meeting Configuration Control Board Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems Carrier Doppler Measurement System Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer Communications Interface Module Command Link Control Word Command Link Transmission Unit Command Committee for Space Research Center of Pressure Continuous Risk Management Plan Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Compatibility Test Plan Compatibility Test Van Demilitarized Zone Department of Defense Data Point Server Digital Range Measurement System Earth Centered Earth Fixed (Coordinate System) Earth Centered Inertial (Coordinate System) EOS Data and Operations System Electric Field Instrument Earth Observation System Extended Precision Vector Electrostatic Analyzer THEMIS FDMO Review FAST FDAB FDC FDF FDMO FGM FSW GG GLSRB GMSEC GNCD GPMC GTDS IDPU IIRV IRU ITOS ITSP MET MIWG MOP MOSP MPS MSASS MSP MSSS MTASS NRD NTIA NORAD NPD OD ODT OPM Appendix − 2 Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer Flight Dynamics Analysis Branch Fault Detection & Correction Flight Dynamics Center Flight Dynamics Facility Flight Dynamics and Mission Operations Flux Gate Magnetometer Flight Software Gravity Gradient Ground-lit Solid Rocket Booster Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center Guidance, Navigation and Control Division Goddard Program Management Council Goddard Trajectory Determination System Instrument Data Processing Unit Improved Interrange Vector Inertial Reference Unit Integrated Test and Operations System Issue Tracking System Information Technology Security Plan Mission Elapsed Time Mission Integration Working Group Mission Operations Plan Mission Operations Support Plan Mission Planning System Multi-mission Spin Axis Stabilized Spacecraft (ADS) Mission Services Program Miniature Spinning Sun Sensor Multi-mission Three-axis Stabilized Spacecraft (ADS) Network Requirements Document National Telecommunications and Information Administration North American Aerospace Defense Command NASA Policy Directive Orbit Determination Tool Orbit Parameter Message October 5, 2004


List of Acronyms PDMP PSLA PTP RBW RF RFCTP RFICD RHESSI RMCP RMP RTS SCAMA SCCS SCID SCM SDT SEB SEL SERS SET SEU SFCG SGS SIC SMEX SOH SSMO SSPA SST TAPS TBD TCP/IP TDF TEME TLM TRK Project Data Management Plan Project Service Level Agreement Programmable Telemetry Processor Resolution Bandwidth Radio Frequency Compatibility Test Plan Radio Frequency Interface Control Document Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager Risk Management and Contingency Plan Risk Management Plan Relative Time Sequence Station Conferencing and Monitoring Arrangement Source Code Control System Spacecraft Identifier Search Coil Magnetometer Science Data Tool Single Event Burn-out Single Event Latch-up Spacecraft Emergency Response System Science Elapsed Time Single Event Upset Space Frequency Coordination Group Sat. Track Gateway Server Support Identification Code Small Explorer State of Health Space Science Mission Operations Solid State Power Amplifier Solid State Telescope Trending and Plotting System To Be Determined Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol Track Data Formatter True Equator and Mean Equinox Two Line Elements Telemetry Tracking THEMIS FDMO Review UPS USN UTDF VBW VC VNC VPN WDC-A-R&S WDISC WFF WSC WWAS Appendix − 3 Uninterruptible Power Supply Universal Space Network Universal Tracking Data Format Video Bandwidth Virtual Channel Virtual Network Computing Virtual Private Network World Data Center A for Rockets & Satellites White Sands Complex TCP/IP Data Interface Service Capability Wallops Flight Facility White Sands Complex World Warning Agency for Satellites October 5, 2004