Amusement Park Trivia 1 Which amusement park has

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 • • • Amusement Park Trivia 1: Which amusement park has received the

• • • Amusement Park Trivia 1: Which amusement park has received the title "America's Most Beautiful Theme Park" for fifteen consecutive years? – A) Busch Gardens Tampa – B) Busch Gardens Williamsburg – C) Disneyland – D) Cypress Gardens 2: In which country is the largest indoor amusement park located? – A) The United Kingdom – B) The United States – C) Canada – D) Japan 3: Which of these is the world's most visited theme park? – A) Hong Kong Disneyland – B) Disneyland Paris – C) Disneyland California – D) Tokyo Disneyland 4: Which amusement park has the most rides? – A) Tokyo Disneyland – B) Disneyland California – C) Six Flags New Jersey – D) Six Flags California 5: What is the world's tallest freefalling ride? – A) Free Falling – B) Launch Pad – C) The Sky Diver – D) The Drop Zone • • • 6: Which descriptive word appears in more park names than any other? – A) Big – B) Super – C) Fun – D) Great 7: According to polls, what is park attendees' favorite theme park food? – A) Ice cream – B) Funnel cake – C) Cotton candy – D) Hot dogs 8: What world record does German Dorothea Spohler. Claussen hold? – A) Greatest number of park visits – B) Most consecutive roller coaster rides – C) Standing in the world's longest line at a theme park – D) Visiting the same park on the most consecutive days 9: Where is the world's oldest continually operating amusement park located? – A) Southern England – B) Connecticut – C) Moscow – D) Vancouver 10: What is the largest park by acreage? – A) Disneyland Tokyo – B) Busch Gardens Williamsburg – C) Paramount Kings Dominion – D) Walt Disney World