AAL 11 a Boeing 767 Boston to Los

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AAL 11 a Boeing 767, Boston to Los Angeles AAL 11 TR 20 degrees

AAL 11 a Boeing 767, Boston to Los Angeles AAL 11 TR 20 degrees 1 st Unknown 2 nd Unknown UAL 175 a Boeing 767, Boston to Los Angeles 3 rd Unknown 8: 24: 57 am ET UAL 93 ZNY check-on UAL 93 a Boeing 757, Newark to San Francisco Second unknown communication. . . 8: 24: 38 am ET “…nobody move, everything will be OK, if you try to make Unknown communication. . . “. . . we any moves you”ll endanger have some planes, just stay yourself andyou thewill airplane, quiet and be OK, just we stay quiet…” 8: 26 am ET are returning to the airport…” AAL 11 in an unauthorized turn southbound - military radar shows an altitude of 31, 000 feet Albany. NY 8: 21 am ET 8: 14 am ET Last transponder return AAL 11 is instructed to climb to 35, 000 from AAL 11 feet, no acknowledgement from the pilot, however the flight appears to turn right, as instructed 8: 00 -8: 13 am ET 8: 34 am ET Unknown 8: 42 am ET transmission “…nobody move please, we UAL 175 pilot announces Newback Yorkto. Center aretogoing the ET 8: 30 am “We figured we”d wait to go to your center, we airport, don’t try to make AAL 11 descending out of heard a suspicious transmission on our departure any stupid 28, 500 moves…” feet and UAL 175 at out of Boston. Someone keyed 31, 000 the mike and said feet flight paths cross ‘everyone stay in your 8: 45 am seats’” ET UAL 175 progress Sparta, NJ Navigational Aid Newark Boston All communications 8: 19 amwith ET AAL 11 appear routine and normal. At UAL 175 progress 8: 09 am ET, AAL 11 is instructed to turn right 20 degrees 8: 34 am ET UAL 175 progress 8: 40 am ET AAL 11 tracks the eastern shore of Hudson River 8: 47 am ET AAL 11 Crashes into World Trade Center 8: 25 am ET Based on voice communication heard 8: 41 am 8: 15 am ET over the ET frequency, 8: 14 am ET 8: 20 am ET Boston Center declares 8: 42 am 8: 00 am ET ETBoston center Coordination Military launches between fighter two UAL 175 Departs Boston a hijack in progress and controllers aircraft in response recognizing to. Newark FAA that AAL 11 AAL 77 Departs Dulles Airport UAL 93 AAL 11 Departs Boston FAA Headquarters is has not appears notification to be turning of hijack right and acknowledgednotified additional radio calls

Within seconds of AAL 11 crashing into 8: 52 am ET WTC, 8: 46:

Within seconds of AAL 11 crashing into 8: 52 am ET WTC, 8: 46: 48 am ET, transponder code on UAL 175 changes to 3020 then to 3321, Controllers instruct UAL 175 to recycle transponder making the “…squawk air traffic 1470…” control. No computers no response longer is able received to track from. UAL 175’s UAL 175. radar target Flight is observed beginning a climb 9: 03 am ET and an unauthorized left turn. UAL 93 progress 8: 55 am ET UAL 93 progress Dulles Airport 8: 37 am ET AAL 77 progress Sparta, NJ Navigational Aid UAL 175 a Boeing 767, Boston to Los Angeles Newark Airport World Trade Center 9: 03 am ET UAL 175 crashes into 8: 59 am ET World Trade Center 8: 55 am ET UAL 175 completes a left turn, heads directly UAL 175 progress towards the World Trade Center UAL 93 a Boeing 757, Newark to San Francisco AAL 77 a Boeing 757, Dulles to Los Angeles 8: 53 am ET ET internally, Controllers 8: 55 am coordinate asking otherare controllers if they see Controllers busy trying to keep UAL 175, or know the identity of other aircraft from colliding with radar targetbelieved on transponder code the aircraft to be UAL 175. 3321. All responses are negative.

UAL 93 Last 9: 27: 30 am. ET ET 9: 28: 54 am Cleveland

UAL 93 Last 9: 27: 30 am. ET ET 9: 28: 54 am Cleveland Center provides a. ET traffic advisory 9: 28: 19 am A second radio transmission of to UAL 93. 3 rd Unknown 9: 31: 57 am ET This was the last voice communication with mostly unintelligible sounds of the flight crew. A radio transmission of “…United ninety-three, that traffic for you A thirdscreaming radio transmission of is one o’clock, possible or aofstruggle AAL 77 Last unintelligible sounds twelve miles, eastbound, three-seven-oh. . . ” Pilot responds unknown origin is heard. More and a statement “…get out of here, possible screaming or a “…negative contact, we’re looking, United unintelligible words from and what get outfrom of here…” an ninety-three…” Cleveland, OH struggle an unknown UAL 93 4 th Unknown sounds like “…we have a bomb on unknown originboard…” isorigin heard. is heard. UAL 93 a Boeing 757, Newark to San Francisco AAL 77 a Boeing 757, Dulles to Los Angeles 9: 35 am ET UAL 93 previously level at 35, 000 feet begins an ET unauthorized climb. 9: 38: 47 am 9: 40: 28 am ET 10: 04 am 9: 09 am ET ET 9: 39: 12 am ET Pittsburgh UAL 93 altitude 8: 55 am ET indicates 40, 700 Last transponder radar feet return 9: 45 am ET UAL 93 crashes UAL 93 into progress the Another unknown radio transmission is 9: 51 am heard, ET UAL 93 progress at an altitude of 39, 700 feet. woods in Somerset, PA 8: 55 am ET PIT controller starts 8: 40 am a manual ET mostly unintelligible, states words. UAL 93 that may passessound 2 miles 9: 57: 19 am south of ET radar track on the unidentified like “…captain…bomb on board…our PIT at an unknown altitude 8: 56 am AAL 77 ET begins and AAL 77 establishes primary radar Last target. observed radar return, unknown unauthorized turn and radio traveling contact at a with ground demands…remain quiet…” altitude, ground speed 400 knots. Both primary and towards the south at speed Indianapolis of 350 knots. Center secondary radar contact is Dulles Airport 35, 000 feet lost with AAL 77 Pentagon 8: 37 am ET Newark Airport 9: 09 am ET 9: 38 am ET 9: 35 -9: 37 am ET 8: 57 -9: 09 am ET personnel Indianapolis Center 8: 51 am ET 9: 24 -9: 30 am ET AAL 77 progress AAL 77 crashes into the Radar data shows the fast-moving primary target Atnotify approximately 9: 44 am 9: 33 am ET ET Great Lakes Regional Indianapolis Center personnel western side of theradar, Pentagon AAL 77 8: 57 amacknowledges ET routing 9: 10 -9: 24 am ET Dulles Airport ASR-9 making a right, 360 -degree turn, 3 miles 8: 56 -9: 14 am ET Operations Center of possible clearance to Falmouth, KY displays a fast-moving primary make. Cleveland constant attempts toa both An operations supervisor Center atcontroller IAD advises notifies the southwest of the Pentagon. Controller attempts to contact AAL 77 a Primary radar returns 9: 36 am ET Thisflight was the radar return Several Thenavigational black potionaid. of this track is aircraft accident with AAL 77 due communicate with AAL 77 and find minimum of five times without receiving subsequently extracted from White. Pittsburgh House Office Airport of thecontroller USSS of an of thelast assumed radio communication track of AAL 77. with Radar controllers working radar toatsimultaneous loss ofbe radio Controllers DCA issue traffic advisories any acknowledgement from the pilot. FAA several different en route radar any radar return that could that unknown, fast-moving unanticipated aircraft turn, heading the loss in ofon the coverage of primary the flight. targets is nearly positions at Dulles observed communications and radar personnel also try to contact AAL 77 sites, indicate a track believed the unknown aircraft to a military C-130 that of the flight. non-existent. this same primary target direction secondary of the White radar House. returns, The andsame the lack through American Airlines company radios. to be that of AAL 77. identification. departed Andrews AFB. When the C-130 tracking eastbound. information of radio is provided communication to the controllers with UAL 93. at (GOFER 06) pilot reported thepath unidentified DCA at The the projected same time. flight The operations of UAL 93 aircraft in sight, the instruction was given toin supervisor would is also result providing in the continuous flight passing updates follow the aircraft. on a critical close event proximity, teleconference if not directly at FAA Headquarters. overhead PIT.